Self isolate = boredom eating

Well folks for some of us, including me, we eat out of boredom. Heres a place to shair ideas that keep our hands bussy and out of the kitchen. Here's a start:
Brush the dog
Clean out the junk drawer
Make a casserole
Dust off that exercise equipment and use it
Pull out that hobby


  • PKM0515
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    Some are elaborations of what you posted, some require another person. Just going to throw out ideas. 🐱

    Jigsaw puzzles
    Board games, cards

    Organize makeup, jewelry, clothes, tools, pantry, linen closet, garage, books, gift wrap, etc. (basically anything that needs it)

    Try out new hairstyles
    Go through your closet/jewelry and try on different combinations

    Knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch
    Make cards, bookmarks

  • Kupla71
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    Play solitaire. I think I have a deck of cards around here somewhere...
  • RelCanonical
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    I have the best one: a boss that's decided that work-from-home means bleeding work into the evening. Ughhhh.
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    My wife is now working from home as of today, so it's me, my wife, and our two boys. We're resigned to the fact that we won't be as productive, but we're still getting work done. Neither of us are missing our commutes...mine is typically 2 hours out of my day. We're spending more time as a family outside...going for walks, family bike rides, etc. Had a nice picnic lunch out on the patio today.
    I have the best one: a boss that's decided that work-from-home means bleeding work into the evening. Ughhhh.

    That's just rude...very happy that our bosses realize the difficulty of working from home as well as tending to our children.
  • lorrpb
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    Drink tea! ☕️
  • Onedaywriter
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    Make a list of friends and family you haven’t spoken to for a while and spend some time catching up. They’ll appreciate the boredom relief too!
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    lorrpb wrote: »
    Drink tea! ☕️

    Great idea
  • breanamock
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    I've been reading, but sometimes reading leads to snacking for me. Therefore, I'm walking circuits around my apartment (basically in/out of the laundry room, through the kitchen, in/out of the powder room, and around the bedroom) while reading. Can't walk too fast or I start running into things, but it burns more calories than sitting still, and I can't carry a snack and a book at the same time!
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    Do something that involves both hands where you can't eat, like puzzles, sewing, needle work (knit/crochet/cross-stitch); get outside for a walk; reorganize your closet; change around the furniture. Stay away from the kitchen 😥
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    Keep up the good ideas folks! Busy hands leave no room for snacking.👏👏👏👏