Home Workouts SUCK!

Last August I finally decided to find a gym that had Zumba, spin, crossfit, HIIT, and other good fitness classes that included showers, sauna, etc, etc, etc. So I was picky. I had been a gym rat in high school and worked on a farm but after college and grad school, it had been about 12 years since I went to a gym (my on campus gym does NOT count when it's 6 machines and spotty free weights). Found a gym between the house and work that had all of my requirements. I had been going, feeling strong again, and loving time for me! Now...COVID19 hits, I haven't been to the gym in about 3ish weeks and I loathe working out at home. Anyone else in a similar boat? What do you do to get around it?

P.S. I get that life is really hard for everyone right now and I hope everyone is doing okay. I've noticed my own mental state deteriorating with this global situation and am sending good vibes out for y'all!


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    Yes they do! Especially in a small NYC co-op with way too many people. 😫😫
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    I miss the gym too, all my goals weight lifting are on hold as I only have light weights at home. I get a better cardio workout on the stair treadmill than at home. I have to do low impact cardio and am struggling to find non-beginner workouts so I'm adding weights to everything. I try to get a lot of Fitbit steps every day, right now I'm at the counter dancing to music. Doing a dance You Tube every day is pretty fun too.
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    YouTube workout vids have helped me quite a bit. Some people I really like is Chloe Ting, Pamela Reif, Emi Wong, Popsugar Fitness.

    A lot of them are no equipment but if you have weights you can add them. And they have videos for all difficulty. If you don't like one video, you can keep looking until you find one you like.

    I usually pick a few different videos every workout so it doesn't get stale. I switch it up and do what I feel like doing on that particular day.

    Chloe Ting is my favorite at the moment. I feel like her workouts are a little harder than the rest. I think it might just be because her workouts are more fast paced and her breaks are only 5 to 10 seconds so it's harder to keep up. Pick her if you want to be challenged. She also gives good motivational pep talks while working out and another thing I love about her is she will show you how to do certain things the low impact version or suggest knee push ups vs regular push ups if you're not quite there yet (example).

    Pamela Reif was the first fitness youtuber I started watching and I'd say that she's slightly less difficult than Chloe Ting. She has videos for beginner difficulty and advanced. I quite like her a lot, and she has good workouts but one thing that I would want her to do is talk and motivate and explain proper form and stuff like that. If you're looking for that, she might not be for you because in all her workout vids besides her live workout vids, she doesn't speak at all. It's just music. But some people might prefer that.

    Emi Wong, I would say would be for the days you really don't even have the motivation to crawl out of bed let alone working out. She has videos of working out in bed. I love it. To me, the videos I've watched of her at least, they're a little easier compared to the rest but she still gives you a good workout and she's amazingly motivational. She's good at explaining stuff and the second I feel like "ugh I cant do this" she says "no pain no gain guys, only a few more seconds, you'll thank yourself later, don't quit on me!" Absolutely love her!

    I was used to having a partner to work out and motivate me and with these girls it kinda feels like I have a friend to work out with.

    It might not work but who knows. I was in your place before. I will say that sometimes it can get repetitive because they do share some workouts but that's to be expected. Theres only so many things you can do. Something else that's great about them is they have vids for full body, thighs and butt, arms, abs, whatever you want to target.

    I haven't watched a lot of Popsugar fitness, idk it's just not really my style but one video I really loved of theirs was the Barre Booty workout video. That's the only one of theirs that I've tried that have actually challenged me but like I said I haven't done much of theirs because the girls that I've mentioned are more my style. But Popsugar fitness is good for motivation too.

    If you or anyone else is interested, I can suggest videos/workout routine if you have specific goals you want or if you wanna see some of the videos I've been doing.

    I hope you find something that helps you enjoy working out at home. It's a hurdle you have to jump over and find something that works for you.
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    Have you checked your gym's website. My gym has free workout videos to do. I did some Les Mills workout yesterday and today and it was pretty cool
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    I agree. I wear a heart rate monitor at home because I tend to put in very little effort when left to my own devices. Watching the calorie burn helps me work harder
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    I made these for my clients and fellow Y members.

    Tweek the reps and do as many rounds of them as your fitness level allows.

    Duffel Bag Fit

    HIIT Plyo


    I plan to make more, if anyone is interested feel free to add me.

    No that's not a plow to gain friends or fame.

    No charge, no retribution needed or expected.
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    I love working out at home cause I can do it anytime and there's no commute. I love a variety of YouTube videos and since this whole lockdown thing started I've put together some fun HIIT workouts for my family to do. I also just made an outdoor workout space on my deck where I can do workout videos
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    30 second Jog in place

    75 Half Jaxs
    40 Push-ups
    40 Bag Squats
    30 Bent Over Rows w/bag
    40 Overhead Press
    40 Bag Curls
    40 Bag Crushers
    20 Plank Lateral Bag Drags

    3 Rounds

    Dirty 30s
    Bag Swings/ Situps / Flutter Kicks / Crunches / Wipers / Supine Bike / Seated Knee Tucks / Plank Toe Taps / Hip Dips Supine Heel Taps

    Make into a video or no? Whatcha thinking?
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    I prefer to workout at home

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    Personal, I don't like public gyms. I love my home gym.

    Yes, I love working out at home. My problem right now is my kids are ALWAYS home and always seem to start fighting with each other when I work out.
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    I used to love my treadmill. I’d look forward to the time on it. Now I just stare at it... No monitvation lately, but I can feel it coming back. Stepping on the scale helped! Seeing what you gain means you can’t lie to yourself.
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    I jog outside and spend a lot of time jumping on our garden trampoline to stay active. I have workouts I can do, but just don't want to do them half the time.
    I have my own gym in the garage... which is like extra isolation, on top of isolation of being indoors 😔
  • JDMac82
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    30 Second Shadow Boxing warm up
    4 Rounds
    Step Toe Touchers 30 Second
    10 Fwd Lunges each side
    10 Lateral Lunges each side
    10 Tuck Jumps
    15 Skier Jumps / Moguls
    Above Bottom Step Toe Touchers 30 secs
    10 Kneeling step up low Squat back to Kneeling
    30 Mtn Climbers(keep butt down)
    15 Burpees
    30 Air or Weighted Squats
    30 Second Squat  / Wall Sit
    30 Second Supported Box Jump Over

    Nifty 50
    (50 reps each)
    Rower / Seated Knee Tucks / V Ups / Crunches / Hip Lifts / Situps / Steam Engine / 60 Sec Plank (1 time)

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    I have been running a few times a week. I like that NRC app has guided runs. Peloton app is also free for 90 days and has free yoga workouts and other classes you can do with friends from different places (you see they are online at the same time). ClassPass also has some free online classes.

    It is not as fun as going to live classes or to the gym, and no one else can appreciate the cute workout clothes, but it keeps my sanity!

    I have also been zooming yoga classes to my clients, and that helps with connecting too:)
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    Adjust to your fitness level as needed

    30 second Jog in place
    5 Rounds
    50 1/2 Jaxs
    30 Bent Over Rows w bag
    30 Bag Curls
    30 Iso Bent Over Rows w bag
    30 Bag Crushers
    30 Mtn Climbers
    30 Land Mine Press
    30 Banded Curls
    30 Dips
    15 Hand Release Push-ups
    10 Bag Drags
    Nifty 50
    Hip Lifts/Sit-ups/Hip Dips/Supine Bike/Rower/Flutter Kicks/Seated Knee Tucks/Crunches

    Not sure what something in this workout means, hit me up or for substitutions.
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    I prefer to work out at home. No terrible music, no blinking screens, and it's quiet. Sure, I'd like to have a dedicated room compared to a bit of floor space in my livingroom, and a big bag but that's just not possible.
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    100 Jump Rope

    3 Rounds
    1 Mile Jog
    10 Tuck Jumps
    30 Air Squats
    30 second Toe Touch
    10 Lunges each side
    10 Lateral Lunges
    10 Power Jump
    30 second Ski Jumper
    15 Iso High Knee
    30 second Supported Bag Jumps

    Sporty 40 (40 reps)
    Situps/Hip Lifts/Flutter Kicks/Crunches/Mtn Climbers/Supine Bike/Steam Engine/Seated Knee Tucks/ 60 Second Plank 30 Second Plank each side