Less Alcohol - MAY 2020 - One Day at a Time



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    Oops, autocorrect really butchered your name and I didn’t catch it dawnbgethealthy. Sorry😉
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    "Stop making excuses; you did it because you wanted to. Nobody made you." - This is what I tell my daughters when it's never their fault.

    You poured the booze down your throat because you wanted to, not because you were incoherent and confused and thought it was apple juice; you knew what you were doing before you did it and you saw an opportunity, an easy excuse and you grabbed it.

    Nobody and nothing forced you to eat that dozen donuts and lay on the couch in a ball. I'm sorry the gym is closed down but that does not prevent you from getting outside and taking a walk or going for a run or even just hopping off the couch and doing some jumping jacks or push ups.

    Stop making excuses, STOP, and stop blaming everyone and everything for your mistakes! I am so grateful for grandparents who survived the Great Depression; they whined about NOTHING and made NO EXCUSES for their actions. They were strong and persistent despite being financially poor. They were God trusting and fearing. They were not weak and pathetic, attention seeking, self-pity ridden opportunistic folks that played others as their fools. Please do NOT play others as your fool because not everyone believes the Coronavirus is shoving booze down your throat, making you overeat, and/or preventing you from exercising!

    Depression is real and I say this as someone who has been depressed many times in her life. I have blamed everyone else for my mistakes and I've probably even blamed the weather. I could or would probably have blamed everyone in the world EXCEPT for myself. I have been the Queen of excuses, dethroned now however. But guess what... the first stop in admitting you have any type of problem or that you have made a mistake is to admit that you have a problem or that YOU made a mistake. The Coronavirus isn't the reason you drank, overate, fought with your spouse, didn't exercise, overslept, crashed your car, or whatever else excuse you can find to blame whatever behavior you engaged in.

    I have coped by overeating, drinking, and engaging in self-pity. But it didn't work for me...it didn't... There are healthy coping strategies and none of them start by playing the blame game.
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    Check-in Day 2: 375ml can of sparkling rose. AF 1/2.
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    @LoveyChar, your gardening project sounds awesome! I kick myself for not planting tomatoes last month.