Struggling to find breakfast ideas I like that aren’t super obvious..



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    Blueberry and banana porridge bars. I made some last week which was really easy under 30 mins. Made 10 portions, worked it out at 144 calories per portion. They are surprisingly delicious. I froze most of them to keep but have been taking them out the night before and having 2 for breakfast so will have to make some more. When I get back to work after lockdown they are going to be a time saving, healthy god send.
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    My go to staples:

    Protein Oats: 1/3c quick oats- 1 to 1/2 scoop protein powder (depending on type and calorie allowance), 1 c frozen fruit. Add hot water-mix well-microwave 2 minutes when ready to eat. Its nice because you can change the flavor quick and easily when bored- I just finished my chocolate powder and have switched to cookies and cream as we are also sheltering in (my husbands preferred protein flavor) and it's totally a game changer in taste again.

    Hardboiled eggs

    Breakfast wrap- low cal wrap, egg and meat (kinda like a buritto), spinach

    The egg muffins everyone is talking about or egg loaf and just change the toppings

    Depending on your calorie limit/goals- breakfast egg mc muffin homemade-they freeze very well

    When I am in a pinch/on the road for work:
    Sausage+ Cheese Package
    Actual egg muffin from somewhere
    Quest bar
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    Apple cinnamon quinoa breakfast: 1/2c quinoa 1.5 c water. 2 large apples peeled and cut into bite size pieces. Cook 20 to 30 minutes until apples are soft. Add cinnamon and hunny. You can also add berries and banana to it as well. 2 servings are 248 calories. High in protein and fiber.
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    Turkey sausage microwave patty + cheese + egg with or without an English muffin = 2 min. breakfast sandwich that's better than any fast food.
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    Smoked Salmon & light soft cheese bagel thin with tomato & cucumber

    The evening before bake some sliced tomatoes and sliced mushrooms in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, Italian herbs, chilli flakes if you like a kick. Cook some lean sausages/veggie sausages and chop them up in a bowl with the tomatoes and mushrooms and you can reheat when you get into work

    Ham and tomato between two slices of cold toast

    Make some scrambled egg in microwave at work or buy one of those microwave omelette dishes

    Make a huge frittata type dish with plenty of roasted veg (peppers, mushrooms, butternut squash) and shredded lean meat (roast the veg first to dry them out and reduce the amount of water that would leak out during baking of frittata), cut into big wedges, or make in individual muffin cases.
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    Savory cottage cheese. Cottage cheese with tomato, avocado, and cucumber. Salt and pepper. You can eat it with crackers or alone.
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    A lot of good ideas already mentioned. One more that's a bit of fun is a recipie I got from Darbee (a good sorce for a few recipies) for "breakfast cake", which is a healthy version of a chocolate cake that can be eaten for breakfast. It's very easy to make and slightly toasted with some jam or peanut butter is a refreshing change from toast.

    Diclaimer: It doesn't taste exactly like a regular cake, but I still like it and it's chocolaty, and is just kinda nice to start the day with a piece of cake and none of the guilt. 100% worth a try

    TIP: you can make it in a loaf pan so you can slice it for the toaster if thats easier.
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    These are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing.
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    cold bacon and hard boiled egg will keep you full for quite a while, maybe have some fruit with it if you like.
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    Pick a protein (for me yesterday Applegate Farms chicken breakfast sausage (45 calories) and 1 whole egg plus an egg white scrambled (90 calories ), and either a cup of fruit or two veggies ( I had a cup of spinach and two Compari tomatoes so less than a 100 calories but a lot of nutritional bang for your buck). I will add a thin slice of whole wheat bread with a tsp of Earth balance if I am very hungry. I have a cup of coffee with soymilk, stevia and a dollop of cocowhip and a dusting of cocoa powder in the mid-morning. One thing that really helps me stay on track is that I have a dairy allergy and most of the goodies in the break room or a restaurant are off limits for me. find a combo you like, mix it up a little for variety, and get into an eating routine.
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    I'm a big savory oatmeal fan. I love mushrooms, spinach and diced tomatoes with nutritional yeast. Another fave is bok choy, onions, mushrooms and curry.

    I also make batches of breakfast burritos (sans eggs) and keep them in my office freezer.
  • I have been making a keto chaffle for breakfast and topping it with garlic fried mushrooms and wilted spinach on top. So delicious and very low calories.
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    I like to cut the seeded bottom off a butternut squash/pumpkin then slice the rest (in thin slices) so it resembles a slice of bread but half as thick, I then toast it in the toaster like normal (on the highest setting for about 2-3 repeats) I like 'em spread with peanut butter but you can top with whatever, sweet or savory toppings work. (I don't peel it or use any oil)
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    I personally love breakfast!

    Savory oats, jalapeno flapjacks, breakfast burritos (great to grab and go), smoothie bowls, plantain porridge, egg and 'sausage' quesadillas, granola/seed bars, and sweet potato muffins are among my favorite options.
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    Oat omelette or as I like to call it Oat Pizza is my go to recipe for breakfast. It's nutritious and makes you really full without eating too much.


    2 eggs
    2 table spoon of oat

    You can think of any pizza like ingredients for this. The main ingredients are eggs and oat, the rest is up to you. I usually prefer pepper, cheese and tomatoe.

    You grind oats with blender and then mix with the eggs. Then pour in the egg mix and cook on a low heat with a lid on. Cook on both sides until done. (I'm not using batter, my pan doesn't stick, but you can add little if you are ok with it)

    And I think you can even cook this in the microwave.

    And oat pizza is ready. (Don't mind the olives in the pic, they are for decoration lol)


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    Avocado toast with egg on top OR English muffin with turkey bacon, egg and avocado OR Egg scramble with spinach, turkey bacon or sausage, and avocado. Maybe a little sprinkle of cheese if you're feeling frisky.

    I'm more a savory breakfast person than sweet. I think I've had eggs for breakfast every single day for the past 5 years lol. I love them and you can make so many recipes with them. If I do not want the complete fat content of 2 large eggs, I'll do one full egg and egg whites combined to lower the fat content. Everything but the bagel seasoning is great too to put on the eggs, avocado, etc!
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    Black bean and sweet potato breakfast burritos. You can make them ahead of time wrap them individually and freeze them.
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    ma2007pmc wrote: »
    Black bean and sweet potato breakfast burritos. You can make them ahead of time wrap them individually and freeze them.

    Piggybacking on this, I've been prepping weekly batches of breakfast burritos for about a month now. They clock in around 500 cal - could probably reduce them even further and cut carbs if I used the fancy (and expensive) low-carb tortillas, but eh. Cost per burrito is usually between 50 cents and a dollar, depending on what I put in it.

    Basic burrito recipe calls for ~50g scrambled eggs, ~10-20g breakfast meat of your choice (I find bacon to be the most cost-effective), ~40g oven-roasted potatoes/onions/peppers, and ~20g shredded cheese, rolled up in a burrito-size flour tortilla. I wrap them in parchment paper and freeze 6-8 hours or overnight on a baking tray, then transfer to a ziploc baggie. They reheat in the microwave in 2 minutes, flipping halfway. A lot of blog posts will show burritos wrapped in both parchment and foil, I find I don't need the foil and I prefer not having to unwrap my burrito before tossing it in the microwave.

    This week I made burritos with some leftover ham from Christmas and some pepper-jack cheese. I did some Cincinnati-chili burritos with black beans, raw red onion, and shredded cheddar last week, which were great. One week I used a habanero cheddar, which was very good, but the spice was kind of a lot to deal with at 9 AM. Queso fresco works great, but if you're going to go with a different cheese, I recommend getting a block and shredding it yourself - it melts better, and you know, shredding cheese is a nice little arm workout (;
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    My favorite breakfast is:
    Two sundried tomato rice cakes
    Cheddar cheese
    Honey ham

    Warmed up for 14s a cake