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Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 113



  • matratazola
    matratazola Posts: 405 Member
    @CamandJarvis Ouch! that was not a good experience, for either of you ! As it's the ankle you hurt 3 months ago maybe you still have some tenderness there that swells up at the slightest mishap ? rest and ice now :wink:
  • eyesopennow
    eyesopennow Posts: 331 Member
    edited May 2020
    @quiltingjaine "05/12 Online grocery shopping stinks!"

    I couldn't agree more. I gave in, against better judgement, and placed an order for a total of 14 items with Amazon Pantry. It got broken up into 5 different orders. The "expected delivery dates" changed every day. One item that is sold in a cardboard container was put into an envelope and mailed to me, ended up crushed, open, spilled out. One order is delayed indefinitely - it contains one of two identical items and one has arrived, the other has not.

    Lesson learned. I'll continue to pick out my own foods for the foreseeable future.
  • eyesopennow
    eyesopennow Posts: 331 Member
    @CamandJarvis that's terrible! I hope you recover quickly! It's a good thing our dogs give so much love, becuase they sure can be trying some times!

    Ice is your friend. Be patient.
  • CamandJarvis
    CamandJarvis Posts: 1,176 Member
    @matratazola @eyesopennow She has since figured out I'm hurt and although mad at what she did, not holding a grudge. She knows she did something wrong and was following me around the house as I searched for my brace (still can't find it. Moving sucks!). Very loving and puppy dog-eyed at me.

    The ankle was still a bit sensitive (severely tore ligaments and tendons back in 2012 and then micro tears 3 months ago -- it will never heal properly) but it was stable. Honestly wouldn't have given out if I hadn't allowed it to, but I'd rather roll my ankle than break her poor paw. She is only a dog and I can't, in good conscience, hurt her to save myself when I know she's so confused. She knows better than to act like that on a leash but that doesn't deserve a potentially broken paw. Swelling is down now that I've had ice on it and I plan to continue that as I have no solid plans for the remainder of the day except a work meeting and, now, searching for my brace in between resting it. There's only so many places it can be!