What was the moment? When did you decide to take back control?



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    Today This is the 12 year anniversary of my "Journey to Health" I lost over 166 pounds changed my diet and stopped drinking completely. I have drifted thru the last few years maintaining within 10 or 12 pounds and have felt good. I am in NJ right in the center of the Virus and it lead me to feel sorry for myself my pool closed my running friends and I stayed apart and I gained another 10 pounds over the last 10 weeks because all my plans for how I would spend this time went out the window Canceled two vacations and one trip to see my daughters family which translates to my Grandson generally " Woe is me"
    I realize how lucky I am to be healthy most of my friends and neighbors know someone who contracted the virus some recovered some died and its a terrible illness to undergo and die from.
    I am 72 still run and my Drs have told me my conditioning and running would help if I contract the virus and I am neglecting that conditioning because the situation has been depressing me.
    So Today to honor my 12th year Anniversary of returning to a healthy life style I am recommitting to logging everything being less casual about food choices and upping my fitness program again..
    I am going to focus on how lucky I have been instead of feeling sorry for myself
    Today is the first day of the rest of my life

    You are a true inspiration!!!!