What was the moment? When did you decide to take back control?

bear2303 Posts: 251 Member
Maybe it wasn't one exact moment for you but what were the things that led you to finally say enough is enough and to get serious about your health and try to lose the weight?

For me, I was driving aimlessly looking for something to pick up for lunch.

I thought mexican? Nah. I just had that the other day, Cheeseburgers nah, I had that last night, chicken nuggets? Nah going to have those for dinner. I realized in that moment that the even if I gave myself ZERO restrictions about what i could eat that still nothing sounded good because I ate all of those things with way too much regularity.

Going out to lunch wasn't special, it was just what I did every day and I realized how unhealthy and how much of a pattern it had become. After that, I restarted using MFP and started to make better choices.

What was your moment?