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MslizwiththetattooonitMslizwiththetattooonit Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
Anyone here with hypothyroidism? Looking to connect and get some support :)


  • amyn73amyn73 Member Posts: 233 Member Member Posts: 233 Member
    I have it. I’m doing lower carb and it’s working well. I’ve lost 13 pounds.
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Member, Premium Posts: 15,560 Member Member, Premium Posts: 15,560 Member
    Yup, severely hypothyroid for around 20 years now. Lost about 50 pounds here back in 2015, maintaining a healthy weight since, after 30+ years of obesity before that.

    This is useful information about weight loss and hypothyroidism:

    It was written by a scientist, expert in the hypothyroidism field, who is himself hypothyroid, and who lost weight using MFP. It's excellent, solid information.
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  • procolorerprocolorer Member Posts: 314 Member Member Posts: 314 Member
    Right here :)
  • yirarayirara Member Posts: 5,176 Member Member Posts: 5,176 Member
    Yep, I lost my weight in 2014/15 when I was severely hypo and untreated.
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