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Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • verdemarianaverdemariana Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Hi there! I’m new here, just jump started into this healthy lifestyle. Looking for friends that are motivated and active. When we push and support each other is when we achieve our best results 😊💪
  • Moi_joMoi_jo Member Posts: 39 Member Member Posts: 39 Member
    👋 hey add me
  • Justn_83Justn_83 Member Posts: 378 Member Member Posts: 378 Member
    Yes Y e s Y E S
  • JamalCarrJamalCarr Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member
    I need more friends 😫😁‼️
    No but seriously I would definitely appreciate more accountability partners and let me just add that I’m elated to be part of an awesome, motivated group of individuals!
  • Tracie_LordTracie_Lord Member Posts: 1,761 Member Member Posts: 1,761 Member
    Hey guys!

    I’ve lost 135lbs and want to progress my fitness and continue my journey

    Would love to collaborate and motivate each other 🙌🙌🙌
  • chrisboydtaylorchrisboydtaylor Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Beautiful Spring in Huntsville Alabama, trying to keep my 2 week running streak alive 🤞🏼
  • eacerda23eacerda23 Member, Premium Posts: 24 Member Member, Premium Posts: 24 Member
    Looking for a solid group of friends who can help with accountability and help motivate. When I see others push themselves, I can't help but get pumped up!

    Feel free to add me so we can help each other out.
  • Daisyfinch90Daisyfinch90 Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
    Hi - I previously lost 110lbs (took 10 months) and kept it off for 10 years! Now I’ve got married, had 2 babies and have developed a sweet tooth and am almost back at square 1 with 100lbs to lose.
    I started again a week ago on 1200cals a day, and am feeling pretty confident so far. Will start working out soon I promise!
    I found having weight loss friends really helped me last time so it’d be great to have some this time round too!
  • dewitdewit Member Posts: 1,030 Member Member Posts: 1,030 Member
  • Eoghan_91Eoghan_91 Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me! I'm Eoghan from Ireland and always love meeting and talking to new people and even better if we can help each other with our goals :)
  • RinChillinRinChillin Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    Hello Yes, Looking for support buddies and good conversation. Used to use this app for years but starting a new one from scratch this time. Feel free to add me too. :)
  • werewolvesinspacewerewolvesinspace Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    I used to use this website a long time ago and am back now because I missed to community, and simpler tracking apps just aren’t the same. I’m back trying to lose 25 pounds. Would love to have some friends with progress showing up in my feed. Nice to meet you all and good luck everyone!
  • JazminquirogaJazminquiroga Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    Hello Friend 👋🏻
  • ceelou52ceelou52 Member, Premium Posts: 32 Member Member, Premium Posts: 32 Member
    New!! I need friends my fitness pal is lonely 😩 seems like I’m talking to myself most of the time lol
  • michaelafoor916michaelafoor916 Member Posts: 700 Member Member Posts: 700 Member
    add me!! back to the grind after 2 months not allowed at the gym. fresh and ready to roll! i also have like hardly any friends on here that are active so need some more motivation!!
  • HaFrMaZoHaFrMaZo Member Posts: 313 Member Member Posts: 313 Member
    Ive not been on here for ages just need some motivation
  • JDMac82JDMac82 Member Posts: 2,327 Member Member Posts: 2,327 Member
    Day 2278 and counting

    Never met a stranger, here to help you get you to your best you!

    Daily poster, open dairy and workouts
  • dianemunn4881dianemunn4881 Member, Premium Posts: 56 Member Member, Premium Posts: 56 Member
    Add me please
  • MommiLaurenMommiLauren Member Posts: 323 Member Member Posts: 323 Member
    It’s been a long time mfp. I need some friends to keep me motivated
  • ShellyBear511ShellyBear511 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    Back again for the 457th time. I need help and someone to kick me when I'm not moving enough.
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