100 pounds down today

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There is 12 years between these photos. It has taken a long time and a lot of setbacks and I know I still have some ways to go. Probably another 55 pounds to get to under 25 bmi. However, even if I never get there, I am loving where I am, and that is important. The biggest thing has been learning to love myself NOW. Not when I weigh less, or meet my goal. I am beautiful now. And I was beautiful then. And I deserve this.

It took 12 years and I had 3 children, my first little baby died at 17 days old, the second I gained 30 pounds after pregnancy, and had to lose it again. My third I got hyperthyroidism while pregnant. And despite being hyperthyroid, (yes hyper), I gained 45 pounds after I gave birth. I had to lose that again too and have half my thyroid removed. It's been hard, and realistically I'm not very well at the moment. But despite it all. I've learned to love who I am, and never let my weight hold me back. Swimming, cycling, running, hiking, I'll do it all. The only thing that holds me back sometimes is my health issues.

Wherever you are now, love who you are. You are deserving of love, no matter how fat or thin you are.

Never give up believing that.

(Its taken some courage to post this)



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    You totally rock <3 . What a fantastic achievement, and thank you so much for the beautiful message.
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    Thanks for sharing, you are doing awesome, all the best for your future. <3
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    You've got this figured out, way to go. Thank you for sharing.
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    Hot d-mn!!
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    You inspire this old lady with your persistence and bravery. Keep it up and thanks for sharing. <3
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    That's wonderful! So many good decisions, @all4yum.
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    Totally awesome!
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    Amazing!!! Congrats!!
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    Thank you for sharing. Your story breathes life into my journey.
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    that's great! Dont worry about where you need to be just yet. Celebrate where you have come from.
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    You are doing such a good job. Weight loss is so psychological, and you are handling a lot of hurdles really well. I'm also a mom to three kids. And let me say how sorry I am to hear of the loss of your baby. I wish you the very best going forward.
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    Very inspirational!
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    Great job on your incredible achievement! Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so sorry about the loss of your little son. Hugs.
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    all goals can be accomplished if you show resilience and a passion to succeed....
    Great for you!!!
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    Congrats to you! It’s not about how quick you get there. Sounds like no matter what, you kept moving forward. You have so much to be proud of!!
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    Fierce! Congratulations:)