What is your favorite way to exercise?



  • tcatcarson2
    tcatcarson2 Posts: 8 Member
    Closed gyms have made me get in to kettlebells - I think I bought the last 20 and 2x10s in the country, but I LOVE how they make me feel. Now saving up for a collection...
  • IWILLLOSE40kg2020
    IWILLLOSE40kg2020 Posts: 298 Member
    Hydro but the pools are closed coz of corona 😥😭
  • dramaqueen45
    dramaqueen45 Posts: 1,010 Member
    I have a recumbent trike and take it on 15-20 mile rides whenever I can.
  • Fizzysgirl
    Fizzysgirl Posts: 25 Member
    Bike riding and walking.
  • darksideofthetoon
    darksideofthetoon Posts: 62 Member
    Probs hiking as it’s relatively low intensity, sociable and burns a lot of calories!
  • Shawno78
    Shawno78 Posts: 2 Member
  • Kodekai1988
    Kodekai1988 Posts: 49 Member
    Another vote for running. It’s the biggest endorphin rush.

    Spinning is also good - but only proper spin classes with lights, music etc for me.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 40,859 Member
    road cycling, mountain biking, hiking
  • doddsaca
    doddsaca Posts: 1 Member
    Running and cycling with the occasional dog walking thrown in.
  • M93KG
    M93KG Posts: 41 Member
    I like to log the very few meaningless calories I burn doing housework and then crushing massive laundry basket PRs as exercise.
  • Shortgirlrunning
    Shortgirlrunning Posts: 1,023 Member
    Swimming would be my number 1 choice if I had access to a pool. But I don’t so is running is my exercise of choice. I also enjoy hiking as a fun, recreational exercise. And I’ve been enjoying my strength training more lately.
  • Jumpropegirl5467
    Jumpropegirl5467 Posts: 76 Member

    Definitely jumping rope
  • blue_killen
    blue_killen Posts: 26 Member
    it was gymnastics but atm long walking bcs it's the only exercise I'm allowed to do and it's pretty relaxing
  • blue_killen
    blue_killen Posts: 26 Member
    trampolining is fun
  • dbgrockkz
    dbgrockkz Posts: 6 Member
    walking n yoga sumtimes.. by walking i can have my phone in my hand :)
  • jamespatten3576
    jamespatten3576 Posts: 71 Member
    Running from my problems and holding grudges for time
  • justicefactorizing
    justicefactorizing Posts: 13 Member
    As for me I like doing da Dogg style exercise and plenty of pull up💪💪🤣🥰
  • nighthawk584
    nighthawk584 Posts: 1,979 Member
    mountain bike, spin bike, weight training
  • holly8312
    holly8312 Posts: 38 Member
    Cycling outdoors, preferably forest trails, or swimming in a pool. I love the idea of lake or ocean swimming but I'm terrified of open water :(