Looking for friends. - 5' 4" homeschool Mom with 35 pounds to lose

I weight 157.2. My goal weight is 122 pounds. I have three young boys and homeschool --- wait, don't we all homeschool now? Looking for accountability. Feel free to add me!!


  • kakemery
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    I am looking for an accountability buddy too. I an 5'4" and 156. I am looking to get to about 130. I am at a huge plateau right now and cant stay under 155, so need to change things up.
    I have 4 kids. They are not typically homeschooled, but they are right now!
  • LoKoMi
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    I have three homeschool grads 2013, 2017, 2019

    I’m 51, 5’4”, lost 70 pounds of my 75 pound goal, and gained back about 10 since October. I’m hoping to get down to 150, I was so close! I’m hoping to get back where I want to be by the end of summer.
  • CryingBlue
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    Wow you all are doing great. I'm a homeschool mom to 7. I'm also 5'4 but closer to 190. I'm wanting to get down to 140 again. Add me as a friend, I log in daily.
  • Oh_hey_its_tam
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    Homeschool mom here 🖐
  • KareninCanada
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    Me :)
  • steph6556
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    Yay for homeschool moms! I have two grads and a junior, doing so since they were in kindergarten. I’m trying to get lean again at 5’10, 155. I want to get to 145 ish. That’s where I feel strongest and light on my feet as a walker/ jogger. I’m beginning to feel like my body has a pre set weight in mind for me bc I cannot seem to break 154. I mean, I’m logging religiously and exercising. I’ve come down from 158 but settled into this 154 number like it’s there to stay. Kinda frustrating
  • jlsmith4439
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    I have a bit more to lose then 35 lb but it’s my first starting point :) same as everyone home schooling and working is causing major stress .
    Feel free to add me :) really need to sort myself out 😂
  • 12Sarah2015
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    i have two toddlers. feel free to add me
  • moonangel12
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    HS mom of 4! Officially mom to a teenager this year - eeek!

    5’4” as well. I started my journey Sept. 2019 at 173. I just hit my first goal of 145, but shooting for 140 now.
  • ra6094
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    Hi!! Homeschool mom of 2 here - in our 7th year of homeschooling here.

    I am 5'4" as well and have at least 30 pounds to lose - that's my first goal and then will go from there.

    Anyone can add me as a friend! The more the merrier :):)