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Super excited to start this - any suggestions - I work 3rd shift - I eat breakfast around 6pm and dinner around 6am- how would you log this since day change at midnight? I have issues with my step counter also but that usually works out on my work day to reach goal


  • ecjim
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    It won't matter how you log it, either change the day at midnight or by your sleep schedule. Just be consistant with it and it will work out the same
  • autumnblade75
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    I don't quite work 3rd shift, but I find it advantageous to consider 7:00 PM my own personal midnight for MFP. You can change the Time Zone Setting to whatever works best for you.

    I find this helpful because Fitbit sees how active I am at 2:00 AM and awards me large numbers of "activity" calories. But then, after I go to bed (7:00PM) they subtract a significant number since I'm not nearly as active while I'm sleeping. THAT doesn't work for me.

    What I did: Local Time is US Central Time (GMT-6:00). I reasoned that if I'm getting up 5 hours earlier than the Average Joe, I needed my daily accounting tool to reflect that, and set my Time Zone for GMT-1:00. Now I'm asleep when the page rolls over at "midnight" and my day can begin with a fresh slate when I wake up. The steps and activity all seem to accrue on appropriate days, and I only remember that I've done something unorthodox when I'm still awake and trying to log something after 7:00, which puts me on the next day's page.

    Of course, I'm usually still sleeping, or at least not very active around midnight actual local time, so I don't know how it would work if local midnight corresponds to your personal noon. I can't tell Fitbit that midnight is actually 7:00PM without doing serious math to figure out when to set my alarm (unless I decide to wear a second watch, and stop using the alarm feature on the Fitbit...) So, of course, I'd be interested to hear how it works out for you, as an experiment.