Tall Ladies Target weight?

Hi all,

Finding it hard to find an ideal target weight being 5'10/11. Would be interested to know other peoples? I have a very little/no muscle 😅

SW: 166
CW: 154
GW: 140?

10 stone sounded like a good goal but I've seen others reaching more like 130 but I know I'm tall so that might not be healthy for me


  • gewel321
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    I’m 5’10 and my goal weight is 174. That is the weight that I have to hit to be a healthy BMI. Once there I may reassess and decide to go lower but I can’t see going below 150. It depends on your frame really.
  • quiksylver296
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    5'9, and goal weight is mid-170's. I'm not real wrapped around the number, but more what I see in the mirror.
  • emily13311
    emily13311 Posts: 1 Member
    I've heard (for women) 100lbs at 5 feet then 5 lbs for every pound over that - so at 5'8" does 140 sound about accurate? My sister is 5'10" does 160 sound about right? Seems a little low to me but has anyone else every heard of this method for a healthy weight?
  • toriann319
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    I'm 5'11 and would love to be even 200. I was there once and I was actually comfortable!
  • corinasue1143
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    emily13311 wrote: »
    I've heard (for women) 100lbs at 5 feet then 5 lbs for every pound over that - so at 5'8" does 140 sound about accurate? My sister is 5'10" does 160 sound about right? Seems a little low to me but has anyone else every heard of this method for a healthy weight?

    Yes, before BMI this was commonly used for both men and women. 100 pounds for first 5 feet, 5 pounds per additional inch.
    At 5’10”, that puts me at 150, close to where BMI puts me.
  • Legs_McGee23
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    I'm 5'10 and my goal weight is 134. That's the weight I maintained up until a few years ago and I liked how I looked.
  • sazzym2020
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    I'm just over 6ft and my goal weight is 186lbs which is at the very top of my BMI but that's not majorly useful when you're over 6ft anyway. I'll see how I feel when I get there but last time I was slim I was heavier than that so who knows!!! I do have a large frame though and, according to my body mass scales, a high amount of muscle.
  • porcelanmermaid
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    I'm 5'9 and built like a linebacker.
    Like seriously the first thing that was said to my parents after I was born is that I would never need shoulder pads. I'm very wide framed.

    According to my doctor I need to be 130-140. However I got down to 170 before in high school and looked really really sick and unhealthy until I got back up to 220. So my goal is 220 but if I get down to 250 and am comfortable with how I look I will switch to maintaining.
  • walkerre2002
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    I'm 5'10" and 165lb (75kg) and very long and have a little bones but am (getting more) muscular. I would like to be about 155lb (70kg) or 11stone. Any lower and I get look unwell as I am also losing fat and gaining muscle. I only started at 12.5 stone and I was very flabby and fat around the middle!
  • codyhi1234
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    I'm 5'11"/6'0", I'm a thicker girl and a healthy weight for me is around 180 lbs. I have a bigger frame, if I get below that I start to look a little sickly. I can probably be between 180-210 and look healthy. Currently at 240 (life got a hold of me and drug me through the mud) at this point just trying to make small goals and work my way down.

    If anyone needs an accountability buddy, let me know!
  • gcminton
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    I'm "only" 5'8" but pretty much all of my doctors while I was growing up said my ideal weight is 140. I did the math with the formula laid out here and ended up with 140 that way, too.

    That being said, when I was talking to my current doctor about my weight and goals, he looked me over and said he thinks 175 is probably more appropriate. I figure I'll just keep going that direction and see where I end up. Who knows what my actual end number will be, once I start being serious about recomp and trying to gain more muscle.
  • mcwhit
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    I’m 5’ 11” and my goal is 170. I was 150 for a while but it was very hard to maintain. I would love some tall buddies on here!!
  • Owlie45
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    5'8" or so. Right now my goal is 200 and I plan to go from there and just see how I feel and look.
  • ReenieHJ
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    I used to be 5'10", now I'm a hair under 5'9". :/ I weighed 130 early on this year and felt great, healthy, slim and energetic. Those are the markers of where I want to be. Now, at around 155, I feel slothful, tired, depressed, flabby. Those are the markers of where I *don't* want to be, even though I think I'm still well within my BMI.
    All that to say every body and genetic make up is so different, you have to figure out where it's best for you to be, where YOU'RE happy without added health issues of being under/overweight.
  • Grace_spaceship
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    I'm about 5'10 and currently weigh about 11stone 8lbs and am trying to get down to just below 11 stone. I am on the more thickly built and have a fair bit of muscle. The lowest I have been was 140lbs but I was sick and weak. 150ish is pretty good for me
  • Geneveremfp
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    5'10 ish.

    Goal is around 170. When I lost before I got lower - I think around 160 and I didn't like it - felt not great and was a bit bony. I gained slowly to get to 170 and was much happier. I have big hands, big feet, broad shoulders so top end of healthy bmi works for me.