Update: Almost 60 lbs of weight loss since 3/21/2019!

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I originally posted my story under "ESRD Fighter."

- 238 is my starting weight
- 182 is my current weight.

I gained muscle mass and overall cardio health through my regimen, even through 4 months in quarantine. I was able to walk that fine line between weight loss and muscle gain:

EXERCISE - I just did bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, short distance rucking, and shadowboxing for exercises.

DIET - For diet, I just ate at a caloric deficit, progressively lowering carbs in macros also. I didn't go keto, just got to 120 grams. I was able to keep my lab numbers almost as if I had a functioning kidney! (Still trying to get back on the recipient list though.)

Why does the pop-up for loading pictures not work correctly? I have a screen shot of my weight in Spring 2019 that won't load.

Anyway...I told myself we can do this. 3 months since that last post--I AM doing it! First goal was to lose 50 lbs (188 target.) Now I'm trying to get past 60, to a goal of 175 lbs (overall 63 lbs.) My motivation now is to do a pull-up, and eventually I wanna build-up to 10...wish me luck!


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    Congratulations! Good luck on the pull-ups! You're an inspiration and thank you for the details on how you achieved your goals.
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    Congratulations to you! I have 30 lbs to lose and your weight loss of 60 is fantastic! Good for you for sticking with it! Good job on gaining muscle mass while losing too!
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    Your story is a great example of how no one has any excuse! Thank you for sharing, and best of luck to you!
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    You have inspired me today - amazing progress and proves that there are NO excuses. You are so deserving and should be on that list as you take such care of your fitness - best of luck to you and keep on updating.
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    So sorry to hear of your losses.
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    I'm sorry you had to go through so much pain. It is amazing and wonderful that you kept your motivation and are now in a position to motivate others.
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    deepsea117 wrote: »
    Thank you all for your comments! Please feel free to add me and message me if you have any questions or wanna discuss a plan. I find support along our journeys helps us a lot in reaching our destinations.

    I didn't have any support physically or emotionally through my journey, and it was very tough (I've experienced 8 deaths of people in my life in 6 months, starting with my mom before Christmas), and I don't wanna let anyone go through this time alone if I can help it.

    Let me lend my motivation which has strengthened with every death, every live-streamed funeral, and every farewell. I owe it to them to make my life as purposeful as I can. If I can help you--that is my reward.

    I'm not gonna lie, I went through very dark times. I don't have a family, kids, or siblings. I had to self-sustain, and be my own cheerleader. I would constantly question myself at my worst...and a most important question kept coming up, to pull me out of despair:

    Am I living my best life...?

    We can always live better. May we never get the answer to that question, so we can always keep asking ourselves.

    Live your best life, people!


    Dean, not easy, none of what you've been through. You are inspiring.
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    Congrats on hitting your goals Dean! Sorry about the dark times that you have traveled through recently. Your perseverance and dedication to reaching fitness goals is inspiring! Best of luck as you move on down the road and may you have many more successes!
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    Good for you! 🌷
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    Congrats on the weight loss, and I'm sorry for your losses. Keep your head up man!
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    Another update:
    As of yesterday I now weight 177.47 lbs!

    From 3/21/19 I had lost 61.43 pounds! (from 238 lbs.) But...I went and got my highest weight in 2019. January 7th, 2019, I was at 248 lbs!

    My total lost since I started my journey two New Year's resolutions ago, is actually 71.43 lbs!! All healthy, no sudden drastic weight loss, no drugs, change in diet for the better, and exercise!

    Needless to say, I am stronger physically, I feel healthier, and look much better. I'd post a pic if this page wasn't buggy. I have a solidly emerging 6-pack now (without flexing), and because of rucking, I feel now more toughened.

    I knew I could do this, I just didn't I'd be this thrilled with the results! If anyone needs a person to help guide them down their own journey, feel free to message me or add me on here!

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    Super work Dean - I am humbled by your dedication to overcome the challenges life has thrown your way. I am interested in rucking after looking it up (in the UK a ruck is something that happens in the sport of Rugby). Please can you provide some information about how far you walk, what pace and what weight you carry.
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    Congrats on your great success! Your progress is awesome and inspiring. Best wishes also with your kidney and journey to better health.

    Haven't read all the comments, but about the photo: Are you trying to upload from a phone or a computer? I upload photos from my laptop with no issues. Save the photo to your computer, then click on the image symbol just above the comment box here, and select the image. Preview to make sure it works.
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    Great Job!!!

    I too have lost alot 62 pounds since feb 11th....

    keep up the great work