Forty-two and trying to convince myself it's worth it.

That's where I'm at in this whole thing. I've always struggled with my weight and with binge eating. I lost weight and gained it back quite often in my 20s and always stayed withing a health range, in my 30s after the birth of my son I pretty much did nothing, and now at 42 I'm at the heaviest I've ever been. I honestly can't remember the last time I worked out. I've made some attempts at eating healthy over the years, but they've been short lived. Somehow, by the grace of God, my cholesterol and other health tests are within normal.

My husband works crazy hours, so I'm often a single mom, and I have a stressful job. I'm the one who helps with my son's homework, packs his lunch, runs him from karate to football, etc. I'm not saying that for sympathy, nor am I making excuses. I'm just saying it's going to take a lot to get this journey started, and right now I'm trying to convince myself that changing eating habits, tracking what I eat, and finding time to exercise will be worth it.

I mean, I'm 42, and I've had a kid. It's not like I'm going to get some rockin' body. I know that feeling better, having more energy, and all that good stuff will be great, though. It's just when I was in my 20s and got on a health kick, I did it to look better. However, I wasn't a mother yet and had time to exercise, so it's like that is one of the drives because that's what I worked for in the past. However, my body and lifestyle has changed quite a bit over the years. Hope that makes sense to a person other than myself, lol.

This going to be a whole lot of work, y'all.


  • utopia122
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    44 here. My kids thank God are all teenagers (my oldest is in his twenties). I did really good eating and cooking healthy when they were young and not as active. After they got into sports, I just had no time to take care of me. I’ve just started getting back into running this past May. Finally doing it for me. I’m on day three of eating healthy. Not necessarily a diet, just concentrating on healthier choices. For me, it’s all about feeling better. I’m so sick of being tired, grumpy, and just not feeling good about myself. I’m tired of my clothes not fitting right. And I decided I was not buying a bigger size. I’ve already noticed in just three days how much better I feel. And I’ve lost a pound. It’s so hard to eat right when your kids are here, there, and yonder. And like you it’s mainly me. My husband works 12 hour shifts on a day rotating schedule, so I’m the one taking them everywhere, and doing the majority of the running for the family(groceries, paying bills, etc). It’s a lot. But I think you got to just get to the point where the whole reason you are making the change is for you. Good luck!! It’s not easy!!
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    Right there with you. :)

    Our current fitness strategy is Pokemon Go. Whatever works. lol
  • Mithridites
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    OP, that child will need you in their life. You don’t want them to miss you at the most important moment in their life and wonder why you gave up on yourself. Do it for your child.
  • AliNouveau
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    Aren't you worth it?
    42 is relatively young really. We all change. Once we have kids my goodness our bodies change.
    While I'm a stay at home mom, my husband, even through covid lockdown has been working long hours, the travel and stopped luckily. Any mother's days have just been me and my son.
    Don't do this for your son or tour husband, do this for you because you deserve to be the best and happiest you can
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    46 here, and in the last two years I've lost 45lbs and now I'm down to what I weighed back before I had kids (my oldest will be a senior). I feel SO much better, and more confident! You can do this!!
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    Your vital stats are good for now. That will, eventually, change, maybe not for 20 years, but it will--and then you will be facing the need to lose weight and eat healthier after another 20 years of bad habits and maybe irreversible health impacts of poor eating and little exercise. I'm 61 and losing weight finally after a few false starts. I've always exercised and that has held my vital stats in good shape but they are slowly creeping up, so that--plus some knee pain--are my warning signs. I want to mobile and active well into old age. I want to enjoy my adult children--they are wonderful people and I LOVE this stage of life. I'm much happier, in general, and much less stressed. So you can do it when you are older, or now-up to you. It's never too late and my only regret is that I made too many excuses for too many years. I'm hoping you can do better than me. (And ps, once you get in the swing of it, I find it has been less work--good choices come more naturally).
  • flagrantavidity
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    I want to be able to eat what I want, drink what I want, and in general be able to do what I want to when I get to retirement. If I retire at 65, that gives me about 10 years to be able to enjoy it before I get to a point my body will probably not be able to easily recover. If I don't do the work now, i'm not going to be able to enjoy those 10 years that I have with absolutely no obligations.

    For me to enjoy those 10 years - I want to be able to eat sugar, drink a margarita, have the foie gras app along with a ribeye when I am in retirement. If I don't do the work now, there is no way in hell my body is going to be able to handle that when i'm truly free. ;):D
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    I'm 40, I'm aiming to be the fittest and strongest I've ever been in my life. I can't stop ageing, but I can change my shape. I'm all about rebelling - screw being old and fat! I want to feel good and look good and I am not quitting any time soon :) It's worth it. You are worth it.
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    However much work it is today, it will be more work if you don't start till tomorrow. And you don't have to do everything at once, so you can start small and pick something that seems achievable (add more movement to your day? add one more vegetable? switch out a caloric beverage for a glass of water?) and then build on from there.