Need help muscle building

Hi guys I'm looking for some advice please I'm getting a bit confused on my calories I need a day I have lost my weight I wanted to loose and a little more I'm wanting to tone up now as still got a bit of weight around my stomach I weigh 101.5kg at the min my calories I eat are set at 2415 my carbs are at 40% 242g , fat 30% 80g and protein is at 30% 182g but I eat around 40% or more protein per day so I'm not sure if these are right I do mostly dumbell and punch bag training at home any advice please you could either message me on here or on the app thanks guys .


  • psuLemon
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    How tall are you? What kind of dumbbell training are you doing? Is it random or following a structured routine.
  • steventrudgeon
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    I am 6ft I have only got one set of dumbbells so can only do one arm at a time my routine is
    Plank 2 min
    Swing weight 10kg 25 reps
    Crunch 10kg 30 reps
    Weight curl 10 kg 12.5kg 15kg 20 reps each weight
    Bench press 10 kg 12.5kg 15 kg 10 to 15 reps per arm
    Squats 50 reps
    Overhead 10 kg 12.5 kg15 kg 10 to 20 reps
    Weight swing 10 kg 25 reps
    Resistance band chop 4 min
    Punch bag 15 min to finish off
    Thanks for your help I appreciate it .
  • steventrudgeon
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    Ok thanks for your help just feel like I've been wasting my time with that routine now .
  • richiechowns
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    Have you considered the Recommended Routine via Reddit? All you need is a place to do bodyweight rows, pull ups, push ups etc and just progress.

    Where are you? You could buy some gymnastics rings and then you just need a tree branch to throw them over, you've then got instant rows, pull ups, press ups, dips, static holds, tucks and Lsits - the list is endless.
  • joshchapo
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    Hi I am new here doing same building muscle and getting in shape to keep up with my daughter who is 22 months right now,
    I was 212 now 175 took about 6-7 months I slacked 1 month due to hunting but I have gained muscle and getting more physic then ever had before by just following Fraser Wilson on YouTube
    You should give him a try
    He has great food ideas,great workouts, inspires and motivates at same time to build muscle and lose fat
    Good luck bud!!!
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    Any advice to help buld lean muscle welcome
  • psuLemon
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    Any advice to help buld lean muscle welcome

    Same as above.
  • higginsl1969
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    As a female, I would love extra tips, tricks & advice on building more muscle. This is my goal!! 💪🏻✨