Things YOU say when you lose weight



  • GummiMundi
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    I never bring up the subject of my weight loss when I'm talking with other people. For some reason, I don't feel comfortable. Then again, I never brought up the subject of my weight gain during all the years when I was overweight/obese, either, so... that's just me.

    When other people mention it or ask me if I lost weight, I say "yes" but I don't offer any details. I don't think that my numbers are anyone else's business. On the rare occasions when I was asked "how?", I told the truth: "I'm trying to eat better and move more". To my surprise, I noticed that response pretty much ends the conversation, because people are hoping for some magical pill or miraculous secret that obviously doesn't exist. Nobody has ever asked for details or an explanation, so I just assume people aren't really interested and I leave it at that.

    On the even more rare occasions when I got a compliment (like "you look good!"), I simply smile and say "thank you". :)
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    I just say "thank you - I've been working really hard" and if they want more details I direct them to myfitnesspal and will happily talk about being consistent and that I find a mixture of exercise helps keep me motivated.
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    I've lost 100 lbs from my heaviest of 285 lbs. When people notice, I just say, I've dropped a "few"
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    So interesting! Yes, funny how people don't tend to want to hear that it takes consistency, hard work, and commitment. A magic pill would be so much easier.

    I do love it when people say "you're looking fit/strong/healthy" and I try to use those terms to compliment others too. It's just the more direct "you've lost weight" that puts me on the spot!
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    ‘I am also cold’
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    I have lost weight in the past by dieting and exercising and everyone wants to know everything and I mean everything. Putting some of the weight back on and going vegan when I am asked now I simply say I am now vegan, you literally can hear the tumbleweed rolling past and then the subject is swiftly changed.

  • donidaily
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    losing weight/taking care of myself isn't about the size on the outside, it's also about keeping my insides good, and taking care of my heart.

    It has taken me most of my adult life to understand this. Go you 💪
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Basic answer to someone observing I lost weight, if positive feedback: "Thank you!"

    Basic answer to "you're all skin and bones" (or similar BS): "My doctor and I are happy with my weight." (true)

    Basic answer to simple "how" question: "Ate less." If they ask more detailed questions about that, I'll give more detailed answers.

    I'm kind of mean to people who say they'd like to lose weight, but want my loss to be all about exercise, or who assume I gave up (whatever desirable treat food is on their mind). This is how people express denial, make it all about something they couldn't possibly do. It amuses me to not let them off the hook.

    (This last is probably a character fault. Some of its genesis is people who really p**sed me off when I was going through cancer treatment, by saying kind of eye-rolly things about cancer that distanced themselves from the possibility that they themselves could ever get it. Extreme classic example is "God doesn't give us anything we can't handle (and I couldn't handle that)." Another is "A positive attitude is everything." (Actual science says it's not, so FU.) These days, if people want to hide behind their lack of imagination, or lack of will, about healthy weight being possible "at our age", I refuse to help them. In practice, that means saying (true things) like "I don't exercise more than I did when I was fat." or "I eat the same foods I ate when I was fat, just less of them." or "I still drink craft beer" (or eat ice cream, or whatever). I won't enable other people's poor health practices. When I was fat, I didn't deny that I was fat, or deny that it was an outcome of choices. I'm not going to help them with their denial. #Meangirl )

    As a rose-colored glasses Christian whose mother is a cancer survivor, I needed to hear this. Thank you @AnnPT77 Perhaps for similar situations I'll be super direct in a different way: "What can I say or do to help comfort you that won't p*ss you off right now?"

    As for commentsabout my weight, I don't get many and that's fine by me. Rather it's mostly strange, furtive glances from family members and friends 😂 So I know they notice.

    But one of my exes happened to see me a few weeks ago and he commented on how different I the point where he wasn't entirely sure it was me at first. We had last seen each other last fall. I just kept the conversation moving and said "bye" within 10 seconds. But that was more about not wanting to talk to an ex about my personal business rather than being evasive about discussing my health in general.

    Like some earlier posters have mentioned, I'd be comfortable with either a quick "thanks" or perhaps a longer "I'm doing this, with the support of my healthcare team, for my overall health" (which is true because I'm trying to avoid cholesterol meds...FOREVER if I can help it).