6 weeks in and then I fell off the wagon big time.

Hi all, so the last 6 weeks I’ve been eating pretty well and not going over my deficit at all. Lost a stone so far which Is a great start for me. But this weekend I don’t know what happened but I seriously pigged out. I had takeaway two nights and ate loads of chocolate and junk, I even scoffed the leftover fries from my kids dinner plates 🤦🏼‍♂️. After eating so well since the start I couldn’t believe I was letting myself eat like that. Please tell me that it’s not just me this happens to?
Back on it today but I think my weekend of indulgence has probably ruined my chances of any weight loss this week 🤣🤦🏼‍♂️


  • TaraM430
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    It’s only a relapse if you want it to be. No one is perfect. Those couple days do not cancel out the past 6 weeks of mindful eating. You’ve got this! :smile:
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    The journey of weight gain didn't happen quickly, so the journey of weight loss won't happen quickly either. You can't be so hard on yourself. A stone, or 14 pounds, is a heck of a feat! That is amazing! Even if you don't lose anything this week, just think, it's better than gaining it all back. Just keep doing what you're doing. If you want to have those fries, have them. Next time just log them best you can and aim for a maintenance day instead of going way over. Or if you have a mess up day just brush it off because you're doing what a lot of people don't want to do... change.. I myself keep going from being extremely motivated, then I have a mess up day which then turns into a mess up two days, three days, etc. Sooner or later I am right back here logging all my food and starting over. Don't start all the way over. You're doing great! Just be strong and don't let a tiny set back get you down. Life is too short and we have to start taking care of ourselves.
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    Let it go! Today is a new day. You got this!
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    Consider this: you're going to be on this wagon for the rest of your life. You need to fill your wagon with things you enjoy. Chocolate and french fries have their place in life (and in your tummy, clearly), and they don't need to be thrown out completely. Having a little bit of something like that regularly might even prevent a binge like this happening again.
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    It happens. You felt a need for something and indulged it. Remember how you felt at the time and try your best to control it the next time it starts to emerge. Other than that, relax. You aren't the first one that has had it happen, and you won't be the last one either.
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    I get it. I feel lost in the up-down of weight some days, but in the end the best you can do is be compassionate with yourself and push on.
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    It happens to the best of us! The important thing is you picked yourself back up. You can do this! It's not too late for weight loss this week either. Eat really clean and get some cardio work in a couple of days and I think you'll be shocked. Also, drink at least a gallon of water every single day.
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    Same here: doing really well and splurged on chocolate at the weekend. (Partly because we had to cancel our holiday and that was very depressing.) A kilo back on (ca. 2.2 lbs.) Then I seemed to be stuck for a few days. However, I picked up a new and more challenging cardio routine this morning and voilà I have dropped that kilo and a bit more. :smile:
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    I'm in the "there is no wagon" camp. I think some of you are not clearly differentiating the effect of normal, healthy fluctuating water weight/digestive contents (which is not fat, so doesn't much matter) from actual fat (re-)gain.

    This is a good read, that may help keep those things in perspective:


    Normal weight loss will have ups and downs on the scale, even when the hoped-for fat loss is perking along at a fairly constant rate, hidden on the scale by fluctuations in water/digestive contents.

    This is what several months during my weight loss looked like (chart below). (Sometimes my loss was too fast. That was a mistake. Don't do that part. :grimace: Trust me!)

    The solid-line "hill" is my weight trend. The vertical lines connect daily weights to the trend. Look at how the daily weights jump all over the place, sometimes pounds up overnight. It works like that, even when it's actually working. Notice, too, that the trend moves up because of indulgent eating at US Thanksgiving (3rd Thursday of November, with my birthday in that general time as well) and at Christmas, but that those trend changes, too, are no big deal in the long run.


    Secondly, even actual over-consumption of calories for a day or few is not as big a deal-breaker as you may think, for much the same reasons. There are some other factors that tend to make a big over-calorie-goal day have as big a long-term scale impact as the calorie level alone would make you think, as long as it's a rare thing. I'm not suggesting that you try to exploit that fact to have big "cheat days", but I am suggesting that you don't need to feel like a few days of actual overeating has "ruined everything" and that you should therefore totally give up. (If there were a wagon, totally giving up would be how to fall off it. ;) ).

    Along those lines, about the impact of *rare* over-goal eating, you might be amused by this:


    Thinking of this sort of thing in terms of "failing" "falling off" "ruined", etc. . . . too much drama, for my taste. Log it (even if you have to estimate), learn from it (worth it? if not, how to do something different next time?), and move on with your path toward improvement. Everything will be fine, long term, if you do. Emotion, guilt, drama: Optional.