Big OverFeed Ruins Everything? Nope.

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I'm posting this in counterpoint to the frequent "Fell off the wagon - all progress destroyed!!!!" woe-is-me "self sabotage" threads.

I'm in maintenance, but trying to lose ultra-slowly because I'm a bit above maintenance range. Last weekend, I went to a weekend workshop with art buddies, and really kicked out the jams. Here's the history:

Date - AM Weigh-in - Apprx Net Cals - Notes
Th 9/28 - 128.8 - 1892 - Low weight baseline
Fr 9/29 -130.6 - 2476 - Travel day
Sa 9/30 - NA - 6097 - No scale; cals partly guessed
Su 10/1 - NA - 4444 - No scale; some cals estimated
Mo 10/2 - 135.2 - 1960 - Back to normal routine
Tu 10/3 - 131.8 - 2401 - normal day
We 10/4 - 131.0 - 1800 - normal day
Th 10/5 - 129.8 - 1814 - normal day
Fr 10/6 -128.0 - ??? - Eating ??, day not over

I'm 5'5", 61 years old. My actual net maintenance calories are in the mid-2000s somewhere. My current net goal is 1850, but I plan to (and do) majorly exceed that at least once a week, for an average net more in the 2000-2200 kind of range.

Though there was some estimating in those weekend days, I'm pretty confident they're close. I can really eat, and there were multiple craft IPAs, fried foods, grazing freely on cookies and treats at a bounteous and caloric potluck treat table at the event, pastry/waffles at breakfast, and more.

So, ruined everything? Sabotaged myself? What do you think? I think I lost a week in my otherwise slow descent back to goal range. And I had fun.

So, meh. No drama - pointless. Just back on track.

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