I don't want to lose hair again



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    I changed my goal to 1 lb of loss a week and my calories are now about 2000. Do you all think this will prevent fainting/hair loss?

    It seems like a good place to start. None of us can make you any guarantees. Try to keep a close eye on things like unusual fatigue and trouble sleeping, which can be early warnings that your body isn't handling your calorie deficit well. If those turn up, you might consider increasing your calories by 100 a day or taking a week or two "diet break" and eat at maintenance (roughly 2500 in your case, plus exercise calories).

    Also, if tracking your weight on a scale isn't triggering for you, you could look out for weight loss that exceeds a pound per week (averaged over a month or so), and again add a couple hundred calories a day if it is. If weighing yourself is triggering for you, is there someone in your household (or a friend willing to visit briefly if you're both masked) who could keep a record of your weight without your looking at the scale's display, and just tell you if you're losing too fast, without telling your the exact numbers?
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    You might also want to consider using a weight trending app like Happy Scale (iPhone) or Libra (Android). It helps by smoothing out weight fluctuations and focuses on the trend. Just basing this on things you say, maybe that would help.
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    Great decision. <3
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    1-2 lbs of weight lost a week won’t cause hair loss BUT you have to find that deficit for you. MFP gives estimates but it’s not perfect so 1500 could be way faster than you need. Any faster than 1-2 lbs a week and you’re likely to have a body freak out. I’ve done the science on it. :/
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    I am 4'10 and mine is set at 1500 so it seems odd to me that yours would be set that low. I would work on making healthy choices food wise and slowly intergrating low impact exercise. If you go to fast it will ended very badly for your health. What is your diet like now?
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    The macro that's most important in reference to hair loss is protein. You may want to make your daily protein goal a little higher than MFP recommends to further protect yourself against hair loss.
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    Glad to see you checked in ! You are doing a GREAT JOB!! There is a You Tube channel I subscribe to,
    I'm concerned that you may be exercising too strenuously this early in your program. If you start to be overly fatigued please consider doing one of the lower impact walking programs instead of running, especially if you are in one of the hotter areas of the country right now! Please keep checking in and updating us on your journey, there are lots of people here who care and are ready to offer support ! Keep up the good work !!
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    If your diet contains sufficient calories AND is appropriately balanced and nutrient rich, you should not lose your hair or faint. If you need to learn how to develop healthy eating habits. Learn from a reliable source like https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/. Click on "What Should I Eat" and learn about the "Healthy Eating Plate."
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    I have struggled with an eating disorder. My weight yo yos a lot. Ive been doing well the last few years.
    Here are some things that helped me.
    Eating enough
    no foods off limits
    not weighing myself
    Drinking enough water
    Staying active.
    I started weight lifting. That helped me be and feel mentally strong. It helped get my mind in a much better place. Transitioning to a food is fuel thought process.
    I portion out my calories to have my favorite ice cream every night. I am 90 pounds down from my highest and have maintained that for over a year. Happy to help if I can. Feel free to FR