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Things YOU say when you lose weight



  • gcmintongcminton Member, Premium Posts: 170 Member Member, Premium Posts: 170 Member
    I've been working from home for years, so I don't run into too many near-strangers commenting. An old boss did when I worked in an office for her through my first round of loss (50-60lbs, I think) but it was just a genuine "hang on... have you lost weight?!" when she really LOOKED at me for the first time in a while and realized the difference. I started out at around 340 so it's reasonable that it took that long to really show.

    Generally the only other comments have come from friends or family, who always started the conversations carefully in case I'm the kind of person who strongly prefers that nobody bring it up. I'm very thankful to not have rude busybodies in my life. With every round of loss I've ended up maintaining it for at least a couple of years before losing more and it always makes me laugh when nothing has changed in over a year and I regularly hear "Have you lost more weight since I last saw you?" No. Not even a little. :D

    Anyway... since it doesn't happen a lot and they're always positive and respectful, I just cheerfully thank them and am happy to share how much I've lost if they ask. So far nobody has asked me what my secret is or what I'm doing.
  • RastaLousGirlRastaLousGirl Member Posts: 2,084 Member Member Posts: 2,084 Member
    You lost weight? I just smile and nod, "Yep, I did." But inside, I am all giggly. If they ask how, I honestly point them to MFP. Gives them a starting point to find out things that I have learned.
  • geauxtigerlilygeauxtigerlily Member Posts: 75 Member Member Posts: 75 Member
    I just say "thank you - I've been working really hard" and if they want more details I direct them to myfitnesspal and will happily talk about being consistent and that I find a mixture of exercise helps keep me motivated.

    This is practically word-for-word my same answer! I say thank you and make sure to point out that it's something I'm working on because I'm proud of that. If they want some more info I emphasize that it's the calorie counting that works for me, along with my exercise.
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