How do you manage stress?



  • gallicinvasion
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    I meditate every work morning, use a ton of positive self-talk, take at least solitary 12 walks a week, talk to mom/friends/partner, watch a nostalgic movie from childhood, clean up and relax in the cleaned environment, light candles, etc.

    For stress while at work, it’s harder. I got a book called “Work Makes Me Nervous” and it’s been really helpful in giving some tips to stay level-headed and high-performing at work while dealing with adrenaline and anxiety, and learning not to avoid the things that cause adrenaline and anxiety. It advises a lot of tuning in to your feelings, naming them, using a ton of nurturing-self-talk/logical self-talk to balance out the inner critical thoughts that spiral around and make anxiety hard to work through. And of course, dedicated practice in taking all those things you usually want to avoid, and bravely tackling them instead of hiding.
  • gallicinvasion
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    I also keep a pretty strict work-habit routine that I think helps manage stress. I do a morning 5-10 min meditation, I drink at least 4 glasses of water a day, I take a full 30 min lunch and 15 min afternoon break for food, I log all distractions in a distraction tracker I made, I put my phone out of reach, and I take a mid-day 10 min walk after eating.
  • cowbellsandcoffee
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    Music and headphones.
  • FeelinFooFoo
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    Since throat punching is frowned upon, I meditate. Take long walks or listen to music. 🙂
  • Rouleur67
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    On a bagel with cream cheese, a tomato slice and a dusting of cayenne 😋 😂😂
  • scollis11
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    I journal, work out, go for a walk by myself, or make lists. The large lined post it notes are my favorite. There are lists everywhere... I think my husband thinks I am crazy.
  • Cricketmad88
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    Nice walk/run listening to music. Failing that it’s chocolate for me
  • Yoga, meditation, and music.
  • fitnessjustin01
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    Some of these are really good I feel lame. I stress clean and workout.
  • ReenieHJ
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    Some of these are really good I feel lame. I stress clean and workout.

    Don't feel lame, that's exactly the kind of stress-filled human I'd rather be!!! I'm jealous. :)
  • Dancer0515
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    I sleep!?!? Is that odd..?? I nap and then feel like okay gotta get my *kitten* together and go. I do listen to guided meditation as I fall asleep though!
  • ElTriste1973
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    Regular stress I just add more weights. The other more serious stress...I have no answer
  • _sw33tp3a_11
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    Drown my soul in music and nature intervention. I also like to drink. A lot.
  • Pittgirl3
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    Don’t mind me. I’m just here for ideas :)
  • Dakase83
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    Mostly with food🙄😣😒 ... I have been incorporating some yoga/meditation and walking. Trying to stay focused and motivated.
  • Pittgirl3
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    Some of these are really good I feel lame. I stress clean and workout.

    I wish I was like that. Cleaning stresses me out more. I have perfectionist tendencies... :#
  • Grace_spaceship
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    Walk and hug my dogs. Also even watching them play together and do goofy things always brightens my day and makes stress easier to handle.