If I have not gained weight, why do I look bigger?

I have not weighed in over a year, I was on a diet around 2 years ago and lost over 80 pounds. I have not weighed myself for the past year, when I weighed today, I was less than what I was over a year ago. I have essentially maintained my weight, I wear the same size clothes. Some clothes fit tighter compared to when I first got them. However, I find I look bigger. I weighed on two scales so this should be accurate. What gives? I will add: I’m in my twenties, I eat around 1200 calories a day but have a cheat day once a week (don’t exercise).


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    curious if you have photos from a year ago and currently? how long have your clothes been feeling tighter for?
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    curious if you have photos from a year ago and currently? how long have your clothes been feeling tighter for?

    Maybe a few months, some clothes I bought 2 years ago. But almost everything fits the same, I also wear the same size.
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    If the physical aspects of job/home life have changed quite a bit, or if you've changed your exercise routine, you could have some minor changes in body composition (relative amounts of lean mass, fat, water retention). However, a lot of how we see ourselves in the mirror is about what's inside our heads, rather than objective facts about our bodies.

    To the extent that most of your clothes fit the same, it's tempting to believe that the change is mostly self-image. (If only a few clothes are tight, who knows, they could have shrunk; or, if they were closer to tight before than your other clothes, very minor changes in body composition could make a difference).

    I'd suggest you take some comprehensive measurements now, lots of locations, so you have some more objective standard of comparison for future use.

    As far as self-image, that can be affected by other things that make us have feelings about ourselves (contentment or discontentment with relationships, job, etc.), changes in reference group (the kind of celebrities or whatever whom you admire, and what ideals of appearance are currently popular), friends/relatives who surround you (what size they are, how they talk about your size or other people's size), and more.

    I am not OP, but just wanted to tell you this. Every replies I have seen of yours, I feel like virtually hugging you. You put things into perspective so effortlessly. Thank you for being part of the community. I am learning so much. Not just fitness related, but life lessons yes.

    Aww, aren't you nice: Thank you! :)
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    Is it time for a period to come? I was like, "I'm fat!" or "My hair's is disgusting!" right before my period. It'll pass.
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    If your lifestyle has changed, your weight may have redistributed itself. i.e. more sitting can lead to changes in your backside, more carbs may make for a bigger belly, if you aren't doing workouts, your muscles may have gotten soft, etc.

    Congratulations on maintaining your weight without weighing yourself. That's unusual. Most of us slip into bad habits when we don't have the reality check of regular weigh-ins. Have you been logging your food all this time? That is a hard level of calories to continue over the long term.
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    I know that my body changed composition in my late teens and early 20s so you may just be maturing and losing the 'coltish' shape of youth? (I think the first time I even noticed cellulite I was 19 maybe?) Perhaps you might want to consider some exercise form to tone a little if you are not happy with the clothes fit?
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    It may be that your self-image has caught up to your appearance. When I lost 125 lbs, I felt like I looked like a supermodel. Three years into maintenance I can see that I am still at the top end of healthy weight. The contrast between what I looked like before, and expected to see in the mirror, made my perceptions distorted. For me at least, photos helped, because I could see myself next to others.
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    I weigh the same as I did in my last year of high school and am "bigger" (I know this because I have a favorite shirt from HS that is now 52 years old). I just think it's because fat takes up more room than the equivalent weight of muscle.