Is this true?

Does sore muscles mean you will have some water weight ? Should I wait to weigh in until my musles are not sore?


  • RepswithRyan
    RepswithRyan Posts: 171 Member
    Yes, weigh yourself after you have had 24 to 48 hours of recovery when you don’t have water weight from DOMS.
  • wanderwoman2020
    wanderwoman2020 Posts: 109 Member
    Well I never knew that! You learn something new every day 👍
  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 34,015 Member
    Yeah, I'm with everyone else. Weigh daily, don't put a lot of stock in the numbers as long as they're trending in the direction desired over time.

    I ate 4000 extra calories in the past three days. You can bet that extra weight will drop back off, but I expect it to stay up for a while.
  • yirara
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    There are also so many other reasons why your body might hold onto more water, like hormonal fluctuations (ovulation, menstruation, stress), traveling and especially flights, drinking too little, a new workout, more salt, and lots of other reasons. It's just normal.
  • FitnessFreak1821
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    Yes, I agree weighing in daily would be beneficial. I'm still trying to learn not to stress about the number. I'm getting there I'm not as bad as I use to be
  • AnnPT77
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    I didn't see the article below, linked in this thread yet. Some of y'all who are just learning about water fluctuations will get some good, useful info if you read it.
  • Dogmom1978
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    I personally see 0 benefit in weighing daily. It’s obsessive imo. I weigh weekly on the same day each week before breakfast. I know that if I’m sore, my weight will be up a little and I don’t sweat it.
  • moonangel12
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    I did daily weigh ins because I loved the stats and found the fluctuations a bit facinating, I’m weird like that. I would try to guess where I would be as the numbers processed based on activity, food, and how I felt. Now I still try to weigh daily (close to goal weight), sometimes I don’t remember, other times I forget to log for a few days in a row so I try to remember (not always successfully so I have gaps), but I don’t stress.