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What are you doing to outsmart rebound weight gain with friends



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    Probably my eating philosophy is closest to Alan Aragon's idea of 80% good food I actively enjoy, 10% food I don't enjoy that much but is good for me or simply fulfils a need, 10% pure fun foods eaten solely for pleasure.
    (The fun foods percentage probably goes up in the summer months when I have a very large calorie allowance!)

    As for weight maintenance, I don't find it hard and I actively take steps to make it easy and enjoyable.
    I know I dislike rules and restrictions so minimise them. That's where people need to personalise their maintenance plan. That my method is good for me doesn't make it in any way universal, some thrive on routine, repetition and a set of rules which would make maintenance miserable and hard work for me.

    It's also just a part of my overall goals of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

    The one hard rule is that I intervene when my weight hits my upper limit. I've bounced off that limit several times in 7+ years of maintenance but never for long and never had to go back to full on dieting because I limit the slide.
    It takes me seconds a day to remain vigilant and keep an eye on my weight trend. It takes seconds to be mindful of what and how much I eat.

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    Diatonic12 wrote: »
    If conducting one special diet or food protocol worked, you would conduct it one time and one time only. There would be no such thing as rebound weight gain with friends. One diet would fix all of your problems for you until it doesn't. How are you avoiding rebound weight gain with friends after all of the dieting is done.

    as a serial rebounder all my life I have to say that different things worked different times and then they didn't. I could go years at a good weight and then spike up again. I have always exercised to some extent so I have to acknowledge that is was what and how much I was eating which caused the gain.

    One thing which I have noticed tho for me (yo yo er) is that my weight is always a sine curve. And sometimes what happens is that I start a sort of rollercoaster effect of eating a little too much, then eating too little and then too much and the sine waves get larger and larger over say weeks or months. And none of it is extreme like binging and restricting just a little too much and then a little not enough. Eventually the whole screw it approach happens and I close my eyes for a few months and BOOM there I am back up 20 or so pounds. again.

    SO, to me the important thing is to STAY OFF THAT rollercoaster. Yeah - I can ack that I will never be perfect and there will be a few days here and there where I stray. But to me more important is to not get back on the crazy ride afterwards but just stay normal.

    This is completely different from other folks who CAN calorie bank for special events etc. So knowing yourself is also important and trying to understand why things have happened in the past. for you. (See post above mine about PONW/NONW which is so true!)

    I also look at longer term goals (tried to actually start one in this forum for monthly activities) of months vs weeks for improvement in different areas other than just weight. I don't want to have my entire life always focused on my weight.

    Good Luck to you Diatonic12.

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    Doing things you don't want to do all in the name of weight loss is the recipe for eating it all back.

    This is my 2nd time reaching maintenance and I'm still standing at 1.7 years. The first time, I ate it all back. First time, I was thinking about entertaining myself with playfoods or food rewards when I arrived at the end of the dieting process. This time, I'm not.

    Maintenance is the reward.

    It's been a total of 6 years to reach this point. The All or Nothing approach to food lends itself to thinking about food rewards when you get to the end of the process. There is no such thing as the Finish Line when it comes to maintenance.

    There is a big life beyond all of this but having been through this two times, I won't be able to intuitively eat and leave it all to chance.

    Rewarding ourselves with immediate gratification is learned behavior. I was always thinking how I was going to reward myself with something. Rewards are no longer my reason for living. I really don't care about them.

    I had to learn not to let my feelings drive, drive, drive my behavior with food. Separate feelings from my identity. Find meaning for being uncomfortable with obesity and how it takes away from your quality of health.

    The value of our health is determined by how much we value it.

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  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Member Posts: 13,105 Member Member Posts: 13,105 Member
    I admire the attitude of the athletes here.

    They don't share the need to identify with a specific height or weight or age. Calling all vertically challenged men or sweet petites. Nope. There's none of that and I like it. If you want to break free of obesity then quit identifying with a specific weight class along with a corresponding height. It messes with your head.

    Groups are good. Connection matters.

    Connect with those who can show you the pathway to overall health and well being. You'll find them here. Self-starters and self-sustaining for the most part. What people need is direction and a road map to get there.

  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Member Posts: 13,105 Member Member Posts: 13,105 Member

    " And I'd nix the alcohol because it inhibits stored calorie burning."

    Over the years, there have been some MFP discussions for sharing how easy it is for crossaddiction or coaddiction to take the place of food. I know those who've opted for WLS and ended up drinking their way back to their original weights and more. Rebound weight gain with friends. They traded in food addiction for alcohol. It's subtle but I've watched it happen with my own eyes. The alcohol messed with everything and it does inhibit stored calorie burning.

    No one wants to hear about beer and T2 but my endo tells me about it. Alcohol gives you twice as many calories as protein and carbs. Alcohol lacks nutrients and speeds up fat storage. It only has 2 fewer calories than fat per gram. Keep telling it like it really is.

    I will always prefer can't fool myself realism over massive rationalization and excuses.
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