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Single mom dating again



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    lorrpb wrote: »
    I don’t know how he’ll respond to you, but it doesn’t sound like you’ve given him any reason to think you have a perfect body. (Who does?) But IF he were the kind of person who would become disinterested based only on your appearance, would you really want to be with him? You don’t sound like a superficial person. I also assume you’re aware that online communication can feel very different from what might actually happen in person? Approach this meet up with curiosity and interest to see where things go. Avoid assuming it will be an immediate duplicate of your online personas and that if it doesn’t work out, he’s “rejecting” you.

    Thank you for the advice and the perspective! I definitely would not want him if he was that kind of person! I totally agree with you there. I am so nervous about this for so many reasons 😂
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