No sugar

Hello anyone know any apps or recipes for food or snacks with no sugar I'm currently doing the Mediterranean diet. But looking to cut down on sugar thank you!!!
Also any fatty liver tips?
Currently down 30 pounds!!!


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    Just to gently point out here that if OP is trying to cut back on sugar, fruit and honey also contain sugar.

    OP, I don't know if you've ever looked at the South Beach Diet recipe books, but they use sugar subs or try not add sugar,, especially in phase 1. Not endorsing the diet, and I don't follow it, just offering a resource suggestion. I do own the books as I like some of the recipes when I want a quick low calorie idea.. You can check your local library for them.
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    You can search keto/low carb snack online for inspiration even if you are on Mediterranean diet. My snack include nuts, cheese crisps, jerky, and home made keto bake goods(made with swverve and almond flour).
  • I’m going to assume that by cutting back on sugar, you mean refined added sugar and to keep your overall sugar.

    Unsalted nuts
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    Whole 30 recipes are free of all added sugar (including honey and all artificial sweeteners) and there are a million great recipes out there.
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    Thank you all so much idk how to reply to all of ur post so I hope u guys can read this. My doc just told me stay away from sugar and no red meat and low carbs I was and am doing the Mediterranean diet but time to time I have sugar and love chips :( so added sugar and no sugar at all kinda like a detox to see if that works is what I was looking for I didn't know there was a difference lol thank you guys for that. Lol I have blood work coming up soon and he wants me to stay away from sugar for 12 weeks to see if that helps with fatty liver. And it's like everything has sugar!! And simple carbs I didn't know there was a difference there either smh hope this makes sense I just seen zucchini had sugar in it is that good sugar or bad ?!?!? Thank youuuu alll
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    It is impossible to cut your diet back to no sugar at all..

    I'm sure the doctor didnt mean Don't eat zucchini.

    I assume he means cut back on added sugar and perhaps also cut back (not eliminate) natural foods with higher amounts of natural sugar - eg sweet fruit.

    If your plan is to go low sugar, low carbs, perhaps look up any diabetic recipes or resources.

    Diabetics dont have to eliminate red meat but if you want to do that, I'm sure there will be many diabetic recipes that are for dishes other than red meat
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    all the best. im doing the Mediterranean diet too, but I do find it hard to do all of it. just stick to the med diet properly and stick to just one piece of fruit a day and you should be fine. all sorts of veggies will be ok. my husband has nafl and my gp prescribed exercise for him.
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    Thank you guys stay blessed out there and healthy ig I just need to hear it from other people really appreciate ur help
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    Congratulations on the weight loss! That's amazing work!