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    I was just looking I didn't know there was simple carbs and sugar and added sugar my doc just told me to stop the sugar carbs and red meat and I'm like omg everything has sugar I just don't know what to eat even veggies and fruit have it it's discouraging

    Yup, but I've never heard anyone say they got fat by eating too much broccoli. Fruit is higher in calories but you'd probably have a tough time overeating it unless you're going through a bushel of apples a day!
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    OP isn't doing no/low added sugar for weight loss. It was recommended by her doctor to try due to fatty liver.

    And, no, she doesn't need to avoid the inner aisles (there are lots of great options in the inner aisles, IME, including things like oats and beans, canned and dried, and frozen veg and fruit). Reading labels is all she needs to do.

    Also, most recipes for savory foods IME don't have added sugar. One hardly needs to do keto recipes, as she has not been told to go super low carb.
    But sugar isn't even high on the risk factor for fatty liver. Alcohol, genetics, fatty diet, sodium and drugs are much more prevalent causes than sugar.

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    Thank you so much I feel like theres no hope but reading this makes me feel good knowing other took the time out to help!!!
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    What medicine if you don't mind me asking? My gastroenterologist told me there is none only I can fix a fatty liver.. thank you!! @Safari_Gal_
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    What medicine if you don't mind me asking? My gastroenterologist told me there is none only I can fix a fatty liver.. thank you!! @Safari_Gal_

    Hi @marrufo06 - it’s off label use for fatty liver - glucophage (metformin) - (she isn’t diabetic) I think it was too boost insulin sensitivity.

    There are clinical studies with vitamin e...

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    "But sugar isn't even high on the risk factor for fatty liver. Alcohol, genetics, fatty diet, sodium and drugs are much more prevalent causes than sugar."

    Are we talking T2 here, fatty liver or both. Is it non-alcoholic fatty liver or fatty liver due to alcoholism. There are so many variables. Binge eating and T2 diabetes go hand in hand. Everyone can do their own research because a wise MFP Moderator once told me, this isn't a research paper. I'm not going list whopping boatloads of resources, everyone can do their own research.

    One out of three are edging up against T2 diabetes and most may not even know it. Do we assume that everyone here who's been struggling with obesity for a decade or more simply needs to track their data points and that will take care of everything. Just tighten up their logging or do they actually need to get a blood glucose and see where they stand.

    Do we tell people there are lists of foods they need to avoid or do we tell them to eat the foods they enjoy and simply track their data points. No one here can give out a medical diagnosis. Do we assume that one out of every three here has T2 diabetes or do we try to answer from a neutral standpoint.

    Do we tell some no sugar for you and on the other hand tell others to enjoy their baked goods, pasta, fructose and whatever else they may enjoy. It's a dichotomy. No self-diagnosis, we advise them to always check in with their medical professionals. We do the best we can to answer from ground zero.

    Our mileage will always vary.

    I know this much. We've overcomplicated food to the point we no longer know when to scratch our watches or wind our hineys.

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    The Whole 30 diet is a no refined/added sugar diet...not even honey, maple syrup or agave. If you google whole 30 snacks and recipes, you might find some new recipes to try. Also, just as an aside, my doctor told me to try the Mediterranean diet too when she said I had a fatty liver. I agree with the posters who said that most Drs don't know much about nutrition. Even gastro doctors! which is shocking but true.
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    Medical schools devote very little if any time to nutrition. Most physicians know little more about nutrition, and sometimes less, than the "man-on-the-street." Very few have time to learn much about nutrition and therefore issue lots of 1-page, 1200-calorie, cut-out-sugar, cut-out-fat, follow-this-eating-schedule, etc. diet recommendations that have very little validity and little to back them up.

    This is why I recommend following the recommendations of a good, a-political, up-to-date, science-based source like Harvard School of Public Health's "Nutrition source." For example, this about added sugar and about the role of carbohydrates, including natural sugars, in the diet.

    There are indeed many reasons to avoid red meat, not only those related to health but those related to the future of the planet. I'm having steak tips for supper but it will probably be my only red meat this week. Cattle are responsible for about 15% of world-wide greenhouse gases. Unpleasant news for those of us who like beef, cheese, yogurt, etc. Consider this treatment of the subject as a starting place:
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    Our local hospital offered a healthy eating class series for diabetics, and encouraged spouses to attend.

    Even though you’re not diabetic, the information would be useful.

    If I remember right, it was a free six or eight week series, once a week, for a couple of hours, and I think it was cosponsored by American Diabetes Foundation (?).

    They covered everything from reading labels to identifying foods with “hidden” sugars or carbs to cooking and recipes.

    The most eye opening thing was when they passed around corked test tubes, filled with sugar, labeled “soda”, “Oreo”, “Butterfinger”, “apple”, “potato” and so on. It was a real nutritional Come to Jesus moment.
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    Thank you guys I'm so overwhelmed with your guys's help
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    I doubt OP's doctor meant don't eat carrots, turnips, beetroot, onion and co

    and which meats have added sugar??

    also lots of prepared foods without added sugar - rather than arbitrary rules like avoid inner aisles or prepared foods, it would be better to learn to read nutrition labels..
    Some do like chicken if you look at the ingredients on the raw meat sometimes they add salt sugar and other stuff
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    Especially since meat is where meat is, which is not inner aisles IME. Of course, I've never bought meat with sugar on it, although granted I normally buy from a farm and never buy pre marinated stuff. If at WF or my local meat market, I buy at the butcher counter.

    I have at home used a BBQ dry rub with a bit of sugar, but it's not enough to really matter, and I have control of it.
  • Hey how does that diet work?
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    Be careful -- you want to make sure you do something that is sustainable over time. You cant go "no sugar" -- I would watch the simple sugars (soda, juices, candy) and really limit them -- I don't know about the red meat thing -- it can be a little fatty if you dont watch the cut or type of meat but you should not exclude it from your diet entirely. I am not of fan of "never" when it comes to food changes. Make it a "lifestyle change" vs a diet -- have a good one and keep up the good work. We are all in this together
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    well, you certainly can exclude red meat if you want to - I don't see why you shouldnt or why that is not sustainable.