Very Important Question Regarding Lifting During Lockdown

Hi, I have recently started lifting weight. It hasn’t been 4 weeks. I am following stronglift 5*5
My lifts atm are,
Squat - 40kg
Bench - 30kg
Deadlift - 60kg
OHP - 25kg
Barbell Row - 30kg
**I had to deload on the third week. And my OHP isn’t improving as much which is fine. I am being patient.**
**Also I am 49kg, 4ft 11inches, almost 31, female**

These were just contexts for my question which is my country would go through lockdown for around 4-6 months in about 20-30 days as many sources are stating. So the gyms will be closed. I dont have a place to set up a home gym but I can manage space for dumbbells.

Now how do I go about this situation where I want to continue to make progress on stronglift or how do I switch to dumbbell based lifting from here. I am open to switch but I want to continue lifting that is.


  • CipherZero
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    OHP is always the first to stall in my experience.

    I haven't seen a lot of adjustable dumbbells that go above 100lbs / 45kg each; titan fitness has sets that go that high.

    The harder part is a good substitute for deadlifts. Doing them with DB isn't really possible as the positioning with a barbell on the shins is hard to replicate with DB.
  • Dogmom1978
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    Do you have or can you get dumbbells that correspond to the weights you are currently lifting? If so, dumbbells and a bench will work for your current lifts. Deadlifts aren’t ideal (imo) with dumbbells, but if that’s all you have space for, it’s better than nothing.

    Barbell row you can do dumbbell rows. I don’t do those anymore, but when I did, I would put one knee on my bench and do single arm rows with dumbbells.

    You can also google each of your lifts and add “dumbbell” and you will find YouTube videos on how to perform them with dumbbells to help you.
  • Lietchi
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    I quite like this website for looking up potential exercises to target muscle groups, for each muscle group they differentiate between barbell, dumbbell, cable...:
  • cwolfman13
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    Without barbells and plates, you really aren't going to be able to run SL5x5. Your best bet is to find a dumbbell program to run in the mean time. Most DB programs are higher rep given the lower weight. Nothing wrong with that...SL isn't the be all and end all.

    You can do variations of pretty much any barbell lift with dumbbells...but the issue with trying to do SL with dumbbells would be inadequate weight for what is basically an introductory powerlifting program.
  • SnifterPug
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    Most barbell exercises can be approximated using dumbbells (even deadlifts) but you won't get the exact same effect. I agree with the advice to find a DB program for the time you can't get into a gym. You will, however, be well served by practising the deadlift with a broom handle or similar pole just to preserve good form and bar position. Just do a few "mock" deadlifts as part of your warm up, perhaps. Maybe even have a go at a few of the Oly lifts with a broomstick. It's quite good fun.
  • heybales
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    Ditto's to find a good DB / bodyweight program now and use at gym while you can, confirm what equipment would be great to have and get it before lockdown, use better mirrors perhaps for form viewing, ect.