Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 131



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    new month...new goals..this round I am going to try to focus on something slightly different. definitely still weighing every day but I am going to be focusing on step counts and water per day as well.

    SW: 292 when I started mfp 5 years ago
    CW: 258.6
    GW: 255

    11/03 - dnw
    11/04 - 260.6 lots of stress eating due to the election yesterday.. did get over my goal in steps 3872 out of 3000
    11/05 - 258.8 not enough steps but drank 64 oz of water..
    11/06 - 259.4 sodium.. sigh...

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    @SModa61 You should enter a 5K! I did my first at about your age and weight. There was the option to walk or run. I’m not a runner and it took me about an hour. I did a few more over the years and just aimed to get a slightly better time each time. You can do it!

    @quiltingjaine I was looking into them last night. Right now they are all virtual, which is a little different, but also, maybe not so bad. thanks for the encouragement

    Wonder if we could do a virtual 5K from this group? Maybe we pick a week and those who want to, walk or run (I'd be walking it) wherever they wish, but we "train" for it together. Then anytime within a week (or maybe a 10 days) we pick a day to do our 5K when the weather is decent wherever we live, and we celebrate together. I need to be training for something, that's for sure.

    @UTmom81 What a great idea! As I mentioned, I was looking into "official" 5K races and they were all visual. But classic ones that were coming were "turkey trot" (was walk/run any time x days before), Night event wearing glow sticks - I think that was associated with new years eve. Ideas on how to organize the 5k? and even more, how to "train together"?

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    11/07 183.6 I swear, I am so disappointed in myself. I did really well yesterday. Wasn’t hungry, ate healthy, until right before dinner. Someone opened a bag of Fritos and I ate way too many of them. I’m hoping this is water from the salt, but still. But today, I’m going to the mountains to carry my granddaughter in a backpack on a hike. I am excited about that!

    I can totally relate to the frito situation which is why I just cannot have anything. Over the summer I discovered a limited edition Ben and Jerries "Chip Happen's" which is chocolate ice cream with chunks of fudge and ribbons of salty crushed potato chips. How can you turn down ice cream and potato chips at the time time! I ate my way through the whole edition. Anyhow, certain things just cannot come in my house. My other issue is once "over calorie (or WW points) goal, 1 calorie over is the same as 1000. It's a bad mindset that still needs fixing.