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    @UTMom81 I hope your mountain hike is wonderful! I have to admit your statement about carrying your DGD in a backpack made me grin as I envisioned myself doing that. Our two youngest DGDs are about 6” taller than I am so that would be a VERY challenging hike.
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    @Lilylady3k I’m so sorry for your loss. Prayers for all of the family and friends.
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    @SModa61 You should enter a 5K! I did my first at about your age and weight. There was the option to walk or run. I’m not a runner and it took me about an hour. I did a few more over the years and just aimed to get a slightly better time each time. You can do it!

    @quiltingjaine I was looking into them last night. Right now they are all virtual, which is a little different, but also, maybe not so bad. thanks for the encouragement

    Wonder if we could do a virtual 5K from this group? Maybe we pick a week and those who want to, walk or run (I'd be walking it) wherever they wish, but we "train" for it together. Then anytime within a week (or maybe a 10 days) we pick a day to do our 5K when the weather is decent wherever we live, and we celebrate together. I need to be training for something, that's for sure.

    That would be so fun!
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    11/6: 221.6 (-0.2)/29.3 (0.0). Hey everybody. So... my scale broke, I got frustrated, and I've been having back problems and some GI issues. I just started weighing in again a couple of days ago, which magically coincided with the beginning of a new round. So here I am! I also happened to start keto on 11/4, for the first time in a couple of years. It's worked out REALLY well for me in the past, so I'm excited. No matter what, I'm happy to be back here!

    11/7: 219.8 (-1.8)/28.9 (-0.4). I love keto SOOOOOO much. I eat, I'm not hungry, I like the food, and I lose weight. And I can finally stop watching the various cable news outlets to get updates on the election. I am going to lift weights today (which I have not done in a while). For those of you on keto, what's a good number on the "ketone" tests to determine if you're in the right area? And does it matter what time of day I choose to pee on a stick?



    When I did keto, I used a cheapo breathalyzer off eBay. I don't remember much about what numbers I wanted or anything, but it was a convenient way of checking ketones

    My only other comment, is do it smarter than me. How I did it apparently did not match my digestive system and I ended up laid up for months which culminated in a hemorrhoidectomy. I did love it, and planned to stick with it, but that did not work out.
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    double post
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    @hoopsguy72 Glad to see you back!