chicken broccoli and rice diet



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    ^^^^ Would also seem quite possible to meet all of your aims with a much more varied diet.

    But if those are things you like eating and your overall macro spread is reasonable and you eat different things on the weekends - sure, go for it.
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    As said above, it was an easy way (especially pre-calorie/macro counting software like this) to carefully control macros while majorly cutting calories (something that was done short term only to prepare for competitions like body building or a sport with weight classes).

    If eating repetitively and wanting minimal work, you might be better served batch cooking something with more ingredients to make sure you check off more vitamins/minerals/etc. And also, depending on the cut of the chicken and how many eggs, that diet might be lower in fat than is healthy long term.

    If you have an electric pressure cooker, you can make something like stew/soup/chili with pretty tailored macros and calorie density, and a wider variety of vegetables that can be microwaved all week. Or bags of various other frozen vegetables or vegetable blends that just need microwaving. If you are using boneless/skinless chicken breasts out of ease for your cooking method, then should probably add in something with higher fat in some of those meals (if you are not getting enough elsewhere). I've made soup batches, where I specifically added in turkey sausage in addition to the chicken, because the fat content was otherwise too low. Or carve up a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket and add some of that in to some of the meals.
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    My motivation for eating chicken, broccoli and rice is becuase i'm just that lazy. I'm not trying to lose weight or get fit for a role, but I do want to eat healthy. Ideally, I want to spend as little amount of time in the kitchen as possible. So I am in search for the easist meal to prep/cook with the least amount of dishes and will last the longest in the fridge without going bad. I'm not a picky eater so it doesn't bother me to eat the same thing over and over. To be clear, I also do eat some sort of fish at night, but usually have to cook that on a every other day basis, which is kind of annoying. Less time in the kitchen is valued way more than taste. The issue with chicken broccoli and rice is that it is lacking in fat, which is why I do the fish.

    So I guess my question is besides the 3 typical healhty fats everyone talks about, avocado, salmon and nuts, is there something else that is easy to cook/prep and will last a week? Avocado doesn't last once you cut it, and nuts are just too high in calories. Salmon/fish doesn't seem to keep as long as chicken.

    For me, a giant batch of stew/soup/chili is my I-don't-want-to-be-bothered-doing-any-cooking/dishes/etc-the-rest-of-the-week option. And I usually will put a few mason jars of it in the freezer - which slowly builds up a bit of a variety to choose from as an alternate to whatever I cooked up during some week in the future. (As I put earlier, if I'm unlikely to get much fat elsewhere, I'll use something fattier than chicken breast for at least a portion of the meat). I've also done frozen pre-cooked chicken, " " shrimp, lunch meat, ham steak over salad greens or nuked frozen veg if a really, really hectic week.

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    For the most part I don't pay attention to what I eat, especially during the day while I'm working. I just eat to function. So eating repetitively is easy and preferred. I generally eat the same things 5 times a day, 6 days a week. Those 5 meals are all different, but the same day to day. This makes it dead easy to track macros and calories. I'm sure my nutrition isn't top notch with such a lack of variety in my diet but I do take a daily multi-vitamin to try and make up for some of that lack of variety.
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    Oh.. And my breakfast on gym days, and dinner on many days, tends to be a Clif mini bar in the car followed by a yogurt at some point (at work after the gym or in the parking lot immediately after ride /run). (on the "dinner"... This would be before a ride or run; and will later have a 'supper' post cardio).
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    The joke is that when celebrities say chicken, broccoli, and rice diet what it actually means is that they used steroids to get into shape quickly for a role. They use tons of juice in Hollywood and I don't mean orange bruh.