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Ultimate Accountability Challenge- Join a great team!

RangerRickLRangerRickL Member, Premium Posts: 8,085 Member Member, Premium Posts: 8,085 Member

The Ultimate Accountability Challenge (UAC) provides both weight losers and maintainers with incredible accountability partners AND life-changing healthy habits.

This is not the flash-in-the-pan 'biggest anything" short-term challenge. This is the real deal!! We are a non-commercial volunteer group with a proven track record of significant team member success.

We enthusiastically welcome our returning veterans and newcomers too!

The accountability is a daily report of:
1)More than 20 minutes of your choice of daily exercise;
2) Tracking the caloric intake of both food and beverage;
3) Consuming no more than your chosen limit of daily calories

A non-fulfillment of any of the above equals a Pass Day. There are 3 Pass Days allowed per month
Those who end the month with less than 4 Pass days are celebrated in the monthly Winner's Circle Qualification.

Those who continue to post throughout the month are honored as UAC Champions. Consistent thoughtful caloric intake; exercise; tracking and posting make Champions!!

We are motivated to share with others while we strive to be faithful to our own weight loss and/or maintenance goals.
Click this link to join up today!


  • RangerRickLRangerRickL Member, Premium Posts: 8,085 Member Member, Premium Posts: 8,085 Member
    See the encouraging comments above. Join us for the December Ultimate Accountability Challenge 'UAC"
    Click this link to see the December sign in page
  • readyornot1234readyornot1234 Member Posts: 842 Member Member Posts: 842 Member

    I love this group. Everyone is so supportive and there is zero judgment. I joined this challenge at the beginning of January of 2020. I’ve lost about 25 pounds since starting. I am eating so much better and I am getting in daily activity. I feel so much better. I decided to try maintenance in May to reset where my body was fighting to be (I think it wanted those 25 pounds back). It is no longer fighting and I feel pretty settled. My plan is to maintain until mid January and then start to slowly lose those last 10 pounds. My goal is to continue to form and reinforce habits. It is not a “quick fix and then move on” mentality. When I first started back in January, I was averaging 10 or so pass days per month. As the months go by, the pass days are decreasing slowly but surely. I may even make it to the coveted Winners’ Circle one day but, if I don’t, I have already won because I am happier and healthier.
  • ginadomaszewiczginadomaszewicz Member Posts: 437 Member Member Posts: 437 Member
    Hello everyone! My name is Gina and I am from Illinois! I joined this group in October so starting my 3rd month in December. I LOVE it here. I know I wouldn't be doing so great with my eating and exercise if it wasn't for this group. It does really force you to be accountable, but not because the group expects it, but because YOU will want to do it. That is the nice thing about the UAC the rules are pretty easy to follow. YOU decide what you want YOUR goals to be. YOU decide what YOU are going to eat and log. NO food item is bad or off the list! YOU decide what kind of exercise YOU want to do and how often and for how long. I have stressed the " YOU" in all caps because this group is about helping YOU achieve YOUR desired goals, whatever they may be. We are not in a race on here to see who lost the most in the month. We are not in here to see who can exercise the hardest and burn more calories in a day. We are not in here looking at your personal food diary to see how you logged and what you ate ( unless you choose option to have others view your diary) We are all about helping people be the best possible version of themself! This doesnt just include food and weight, but about YOU as a whole person. Members give great advice on motivational tapes to listen to while on a walk, great recipe ideas, new exercises they are doing, new exercise equipment they bought such as treadmills, kettle balls, free weights, weighted hula hoops, and even a mermaid fin used for swimming as exercise! That one I didn't even know existed! So come and join us in December! YOU have nothing to loose except probably some weight will come off easier than you think with the help of the members here! Two months and I lost 12 pounds. Thank you UAC and our team leader RangerRickL
  • RangerRickLRangerRickL Member, Premium Posts: 8,085 Member Member, Premium Posts: 8,085 Member
    @BMcC9 Your encouraging words about the UAC team and format are a keeper. I'm going to save your post to repost in the future. Thanks so much!!s
    I really appreciate you!
    RangerRickL, or just, Rick
  • RangerRickLRangerRickL Member, Premium Posts: 8,085 Member Member, Premium Posts: 8,085 Member
    @readyornot1234 Thank you for sharing your personal victory story!!
    @TerriRichardson112, Thank you for 25 months in the Winner's Circle and your friendship!
    @fatbambi2017 Thanks for you ongoing support and dedication!
    @ginadomaszewicz You are such a delight and you are doing so great! It's so much fun to have you on the UAC team too. Thanks!
    @TeresaSavage Thank you for your generous invitation to be a friend to others!!
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  • RangerRickLRangerRickL Member, Premium Posts: 8,085 Member Member, Premium Posts: 8,085 Member
    Read ABOVE. See the Ultimate Accountability Challenge team member's encouraging posts!
    Join us by going to the December UAC.
    Click here wccmpkpfsuhz.png

  • alligatoroballigatorob Member Posts: 674 Member Member Posts: 674 Member
    My post seems to have not made it, so will try again.

    The UAC has really helped keep me on track, can't get a better recommend than that! Join us!
  • MadisonMolly2017MadisonMolly2017 Member, Premium Posts: 7,795 Member Member, Premium Posts: 7,795 Member
    December will be my 33rd continuous month in UAC. I’ve maintained a 68-74 lb weight loss for the past 27 months. The 5 months before that, I lost my remaining 25lbs with the inspiring help of UAC.

    So, what can I best can I convey my deep gratitude & how to fully express it so as to help you grasp the *magic* of this group.

    It’s my life preserver :)
    I’ve not seen anything like it on MFP.
    It is 1000% positive, celebrating all successes.
    Our leader @RangerRickL is exceptionally skilled AND modest.

    I was 70lbs+ for the past 40+ years.
    The very fact that I have maintained for 27 months is a complete MIRACLE.

    Three letters. UAC

    Almost 3 years ago, I took a chance & joined my very first group, UAC,...and it literally changed my life. I found a group of people successfully losing weight & keeping it off by doing those 3 things - most days - that help us be our best selves.

    I hope you hear in all of the messages above - and in mine - how much we want this same community & success for YOU❣️

    You CAN do it. I know you can even if you don’t quite believe it yet. UAC will work its magic on you, too!

    Please join us! Your future self will thank you when you’re out hiking for a few hours with active friends, or when you find plain yogurt scooped up with apple slices & some cinnamon Delicious (I never thought I would lol), or when you look forward to your regular physicals because they are celebrations, not lectures :)

    Take Care,
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  • corriepelccorriepelc Member Posts: 2,041 Member Member Posts: 2,041 Member
    One of the BEST challenges on MFP! You'll love it -- great group of inspiring, motivated peeps. :)
  • Hollis100Hollis100 Member Posts: 1,286 Member Member Posts: 1,286 Member
    The UAC has helped me to maintain my weight loss for one full year, so I will be signing up again for my 13th month. This challenge helps me to practice good habits to keep my weight in check and live my best life. A very practical supportive group.
  • cjmello189cjmello189 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    <3 Happy Thanksgiving! Remember this day is about giving and Thanks so...not really about losing my mind over food🦃
    Movement, hugs, gratitude will fill my plate and I hope to fill yours!
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