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    Thank you for the birthday wishes! My daughter ordered the rose cupcakes and then created this arrangement for me. I had video calls with all my family. It was a wonderful day!

    So pleased you had a wonderful birthday despite ....... ! I'm loving your rose cupcake arrangement, what a clever daughter you have! They look too nice to eat, but I would love to have been able to share one with you!! Take care, keep safe xx.
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    Lastly, I am unfortunately a big all or nothing person and have trouble with my off switch. So for me, much of the time I just can't have something or cannot have it around me, and I have to get that in my head (IMO not an easy thing to do).

    Me too, I do not have an easy to find off switch and am an all or nothing person; often if I try just to have a little of something it instigates a huge binge, so it is much easier to avoid altogether. If only I could find that off switch more often!! Sometimes I can manage it by reminding myself that there is always tomorrow, but not always!!

    A few days ago, in another challenge group I am in, there was an interesting discussion and member @MadisonMolly2017 had the following to offer and it definitely resonated with me. Hope Maddie does not mind my sharing it here.

    "We were taught not to waste food. However the food industry has no doubt seen the study where Americans were asked to rate how tasty a food was. Bottom line: the more salt, sugar, and/or fat the food item has, the higher the rating.

    I actually use that when. Food is calling me.
    Ice cream: sugar✅Salt✅Fat✅
    Chocolate chip cookie ✅✅✅
    French bread salt✅
    French bread with butter ✅✅
    French Toast with butter ✅✅
    French toast with powdered sugar ✅✅✅

    I can resist ✅ foods easily
    ✅✅ glfoods are a bit more Difficult
    ✅✅✅ or Triple Threat as I call them are the ones I keep out of the house

    Finally, if a new food calls to me, I’ll go thru the sugar salt fat list. Once I see it’s all 3, I just don’t even try it if have my husband buy it"

    For me, potato chips would fall into the triple checkmark category.

    From the net, "Do potato chips have added sugar?
    Crunchy, salty, and downright delicious, chips are among the most loved of all snack foods. While their tastiness is undeniable, many popular chips are highly processed and packed with unhealthy ingredients, including added sugar."

    I just checked on goldfish, and "no added sugar", but for me the high carb, salt with crunch is a binge waiting to happen. Pretzels do that to me too, though when fully off track dipping the pretzel into full fat mayo is a winner........

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    @kmort009 The power of (not enough) protein AND the reaction to a (too much) sugar spike!
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    @jaccimc63 I agree, those cupcakes are to beautiful to eat? Enjoy them!