2021....52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • WeatherJane
    WeatherJane Posts: 1,492 Member
    I followed the 2020 challenge, and I'm looking forward to participating in this one.
    I'll do my official weigh in on Jan 1st.

    Lots of good luck to everyone!

    2021 weight loss goal is -40-45 lbs.

    Jan 2021
    1/1 180.8
    1/8 180.8 (I had some ups and downs with the scale this week. Need to keep watching my calories. Hopefully by next week I'll break out of the 180's.)

  • BittersweetVita
    BittersweetVita Posts: 745 Member
    GW: 133.0
    SW: 185.0
    WK01: 182.1 (-2.9)

    Last Week's Successes: Hit calorie goal 6/7 days, did great with increasing water and logging food.
    Last Week's Challenges: Not stretching as much as I had hoped and not having any time to myself.
    Next Week's Plan: Not to let pleasing other people get in the way of carving out time for myself.
  • Toxtethogrady
    Toxtethogrady Posts: 68 Member
    Starting weight: 237
    Goal weight: 187
    Current weight: 233.25
    Total weight lost:3.75
    This week's successes: Stayed off the booze and lost more than I thought- water excess I assume

    This week's challenges: UK has been put into lockdown which means leisure centre closed, and only allowed to travel locally for outside exercise.
  • dlhollin1
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    Hello all. I participated in the 2020 challenge and lost 12 lbs., hope to continue on and find success this year.

    Starting weight: 260.1
    Goal weight: 208
    Current weight:260.1

    1/6/21: 259.9
    1/9/21: 259.4

    Total weight lost: -0.5
    This week's successes: Getting in to the low carb groove
    This week's challenges: Log all food, workout 3x intense, moderate workouts on the other days, continue to eat
    clean low carb
  • tess453
    tess453 Posts: 121 Member
    Starting Weight: 11st 7.6
    Goal Weight: 9st 7
    Current Weight: 11st 5.0
    Total Weight Lost: 2.6lb
    This weeks successes: Stuck to meal plans most days and crucially made myself normal small portions not boyfriend portions!
    This weeks challenges: been self isolating since Tuesday so restricted to exercise in the house.

    START Jan 1: 11st 7.6
    WK01 Jan 3: 11st 7.6
    WK02 Jan 10: 11st 5.0 - 😁 Good first week I’d say. Found it easy for the first time, felt focused and not deprived... actually think a lockdown is helping as nowhere to go and no social activity to tempt me! Silver linings I guess.
    WK03 Jan 17:
    WK04 Jan 24:
    WK05 Jan 31:
  • tammierlewis
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    @skeletalplatypi Climbing competition? Sounds interesting.