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squishymissaysquishymissay Member Posts: 37 Member Member Posts: 37 Member
I m finding I have a strong distaste for exercise.


  • RedordeadheadRedordeadhead Member Posts: 886 Member Member Posts: 886 Member
    What kind(s) of exercise have you tried so far? There are many ways to exercise: walking, running, cycling, cardio machines, group classes, dancing, hiking, rowing, swimming, climbing, tennis, circuit training, boxing, roller blading... etc.. Alone or with friends. Indoors or outdoors. DVD, YouTube, trainer. Mornings, afternoons, evenings.

    It's easiest to stick to if you pick something you enjoy doing at a time that works for you.
  • AsthmaticHippoAsthmaticHippo Member Posts: 60 Member Member Posts: 60 Member
    Completely agree with @Redordeadhead. There are loads of different exercises you can do. Mix it up and find something you enjoy that way you will find it easy to keep doing it consistently
  • callsitlikeiseeitcallsitlikeiseeit Member Posts: 7,243 Member Member Posts: 7,243 Member
    you lose weight in the kitchen.

    you gain fitness in the gym.

    While I encourage activity (of whatever kind you DO like) for cardiovascular and muscular health, to lose weight, you only need to eat at a deficit!
  • sijomialsijomial Member, Premium Posts: 18,025 Member Member, Premium Posts: 18,025 Member
    Bit of a problem if you have ambitions to look like someone who exercises. (Not squishy!)
    A more serious problem for your long term health.

    Perhaps start from a different direction - what activities or sports that involve movement do you enjoy?
  • bold_rabbitbold_rabbit Member Posts: 1,055 Member Member Posts: 1,055 Member
    Maybe try to do activity rather than exercise for now. Play with baby/kids. Take them on walks (if that's allowed where you are). Do some major cleaning.
  • mlgoodsmbmlgoodsmb Member Posts: 16 Member Member Posts: 16 Member
    I suggest you try logging calories daily, be honest, hit your goals, and when you start to see success you will get motivated to find an activity that suits you. I'm only 14 days in, but so far so good. Feel free to add me. Best wishes!
  • KHMcGKHMcG Member Posts: 1,010 Member Member Posts: 1,010 Member
    For exercise, do what's fun if you are only looking for general health and a bit of a calorie burn.
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