• cantine66
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    In 2021 I will gain a stronger sense of self and friendships that will be a positive force in this journey.

  • Libi_KK
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    I would like to gain confidence, self esteem, and the ability to just let go of others opinions of me. I also would like to have more motivation to go to the gym more often and actually exercise at home.

    In thirty years I've gained over 100 pounds and while I'm not happy with it, I make excuses to not exercise. I'm very self conscious about my looks and have been my entire life.
  • tuddy315
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    In 2021 I will work on my will power. The will power to leave the table when I am finished instead of picking a little bit here and there until I've lost track of what I have really eaten. And to restore some energy. Don't push things off till "tomorrow", which never comes.
  • iigauran2766
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    Clarity. I want to fully absorb and accept that the only thing I can control is my mind, not even what happens to my physical body. I can choose to give up after one circuit or try one more. I can choose to consume junk or nourish myself through food. I can choose to settle for my obese-but-vitals-are-normal body or I can strive for a healthy body fat percentage and normal functioning system.
  • ItsMeAgain8435
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    Gain:My health back, my ability to feel confident again, gain fruitful relationships, healthy relationship with food. Weigh less and able to buy less expensive clothing because I am smaller.I would like to be a walking, talking testimony that it can be done. Seeking friendships.I need to lose 130 lbs!
  • dadsafrantic
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    mfp gets me to slow down and be intentional with my food. i looking to get old in one piece.
  • Sand_TIger
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    I want to gain strength and flexibility. I also want to gain more control over my thoughts and emotions. I want to gain knowledge and more financial stability. I'll probably also continue to gain culinary skills - but I also want to gain stronger emotional ties! Later this year I'll probably also gain a new wardrobe.
  • monapam1
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    To impress myself. Before when I went on weight loss journey it was because someone commented on my weight 5'7" 185lbs. Now im doing it solely for me. And because I like the way my hips sway in summer dresses when I'm slimmer.
  • Tigg_
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    I am hoping to gain strength and health so that I can be more present and able to participate in games with my two young children.
    I have a lot of weight to lose but my focus is on getting healthier this year.
  • nitalieben
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    I have already gained so much! I have gained a better understanding of my body and its needs and capabilities. I have gained support and inspiration and heartfelt advice on this platform. I have gained confidence and self-esteem. I have gained a genuine enjoyment for moving my body. I have gained muscle and strength. So, this year? I'm looking to gain more! More understanding, more movement, more nutritious foods, more fun and healthy recipes, more inspiration, more muscle, more strength, more of all the things that changed my life around!
  • MellOnTheMove
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    The easiest answer is that in 2021 I look to gain a whole lot of weight loss.

    The harder answer is that I look to gain control over my food habits and my motivation swings for more than a month.
  • triggerjamie
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    This year I will gain health, confidence and strength (physical and mental).
  • Pamdar67
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    Good Morning! I am a 68 yr old lady who has gained significant weight (15 lbs) just since this pandemic has started. I have developed some bad habits couch potato. pre made foods, not sticking to a schedule for meals, exercise etc. Then two days after Christmas I broke my foot! I couldn't even go to the store I was really house bound!
    My intentions for this coming year are 1) cook for myself more, 2)exerciseatleast 20 mins 3 x a week, stick to a meal and bedtime schedule. And of course to begin to lose some of this excess weight!
  • MPyLP
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    I want to regain my self confidence. Recent surgeries have left me without being able yo do what I loved for a while and by the time I was able to I had gained a little too much weight. My husband always tells me I am still beautiful and I truly appreciate it but I want to lose 30 lbs not merely for aesthetic purposes but bc categorically it puts me in the overweight status and now being diagnosed with endo and always being prone to ovarian cysts, yea Lord willing I'd love to be here enough to enjoy my future grand kids. So I'm putting in the work and trying to do this as safely and as healthily as possible.
  • aenovak37
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    I am looking to gain health by making better food choices, and hope that in doing so I will have more energy to dance and perform better! I also want to feel confident in my clothing :)
  • Rocketman98
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    jerrys96 wrote: »
    Hopefully this year i will gain a bit more acceptance of my self-image and my flaws and eating weaknesses.
    Hopefully this year i will stop criticising myself so hard.
    Hopefully this year i will make my first steps towards establishing a life-long diet that is sustainable, that i enjoy ,that fits me.
    Lastly, hopefully this year the goals i set for my body and my diet are more well defined and feasible ,therefore more approachable.
    I owe this to my best friend, whom i meet everytime i look into the mirror or i put on my clothes. Whom i have lately been letting down and torturing with guilt, with large weight fluctuations throughout my life.
    My best friend's mental health deserves the world and no matter if i keep my promise or not, i won't give up on him and i will keep fighting my demons until the end.
    For i must believe in the process and for i have no other choice but to keep on fighting.

    You got this!!!!!! Keep up the good word and always remember that you have a community here cheering you on and holding you up.
  • Remus42
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    I am looking to gain myself back. To not let my mental health plummet to the low that I reached at the end of 2020. So far it has been way better than it was. But I think re-committing to myself and my physical and mental health has made all the difference. So going to continue what I started back in August which is committing to a better, happier, and healthier me. And instead of focusing on a goal weight I am just going to continue with process and see where I end up. That's what I look to gain, Happy, healthy me!
  • 42jitterbug
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    Looking to stay active in the gym and stay clean. I've been a bit lonely lately so I'm looking to add some peeps to my friends list! Being bored & lonely is a trigger for me. Exercise and motivation do wonders for my mental health. Hope everyone is well and having a great start to the new year!
  • RastaLousGirl
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    I am going to keep this one short and sweet. I am looking to gain my happiness back again.
  • Definitely looking to gain some new experience, more confidence, discipline, and that rockin bod so I can finally look in the mirror and say "dang you fine all over chica" 😘