1 Year of Success, 145 lbs lost!



  • mandalunia
    mandalunia Posts: 128 Member
    So awesome!
  • Steph_135
    Steph_135 Posts: 3,280 Member
    Very inspiring! Congrats, and thank you.
  • Latrellis
    Latrellis Posts: 75 Member
    Wow, is your success due to calorie deficit and extra exercise?
    FABRICWOMAN Posts: 539 Member
    Thank you so much for sharing your weight loss/new life style journey (pictures) to help others have a goal and inspiration to continue this weight loss journey. I have lost 72 lbs. since 7/16/20 myself. I am in the habit of weighing myself daily and writing down how much I weigh in my calendar each day. I can't believe how the numbers have gone down consistently since then, and the MFP reports/grafts prove it with their downward sloping. You help me realize that I can continue on towards my goal, and I hope to continue this healthier life style for the rest of my life. Again, thank you for your post. You have helped uplift many MFP members.
  • anny3818
    anny3818 Posts: 37 Member
    Very inspiring, you look amazing
  • JoDavo66
    JoDavo66 Posts: 526 Member
    Awesome & Inspiring. I totally echo Fabricwoman's comments.
    My weight started creeping up 4 years ago & it's been a real battle which I've been losing.
    Worked out ave 2lb will have me roughly where I want to be in 1 year's time so to actually see your dramatic 1 year transformation is truely inspiring.
    Well done
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