Replace your bread

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Use these to make sandwiches instead of bread or wraps. And its much easier than trying to use lettuce as a wrap!


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    How many calories are they?
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    How many calories are they?

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    There is also this Marble Jack
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    I can get 2 slices of bread for 90 calories, plus I get fiber. Flatout wraps are really tastey (note to self, put on shopping list).
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    I love Crystal Farms low-fat mozzarella. Wish I could find it easily in my area. And I would love to try those cheese wraps!
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    I use the flat out wraps too. Plus cheese of choice. I have a cheese planer that slices it very thinly. I like lettuce wraps too. A lot less calories than cheese wraps.
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    I love Joseph's Pita Bread. 60 calories for a pita, 1.5g fat, 270 sodium, 9g carbs with 2g dietary fiber and 6g protein.
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    I've been wanting to try the cheese wraps though! I just haven't seen them locally for a decent price yet.
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    I'm just very selective about the bread I buy after some training by a nutritionist. She taught me to read the labels and target brands where grams fiber are high and grams sugar are relatively low. It's shocking to read the label on many breads marketed as healthy.

    My goto is

    I am the same like you - type of flour used, fiber, sugar and oil are all important to me
    Not all bread are equal in ingredients and taste

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    Similarly to @annpt77, we do not need to limit carbs, well, due to preconditions. Yes, to reduce carbs related to weight goals. I've been making 80-90% of our bread for 3 yrs now, and get a much more healthful result for the bread we eat than commercial. Varying between 80-110 cals/slice, depending on variety/etc., and full control of ingredients. If we do buy commercial, I tend to do what @Theo166 does, and go for dave's killer bread, the thin-sliced version. We recently completed a drawn-out 3-month move/downsize where sometimes (often) meals weren't as planned and on-track as we'd like, and I had to resort to commercial breads. Moderation is key, though, even if you can eat it.