How often do you weigh yourself?



  • spiriteagle99
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    I've been in maintenance for several years as well. I weigh myself about twice a week. Because I log my food, I know which way my weight ought to be going based on how I've been eating. I check to see if I am losing or gaining beyond what I expect. If the gain or loss is more than I expect, I'll do it again the next day to see if it's valid. I don't weigh after hard workouts or salty meals or if I've been constipated for a couple of days. No point in torturing myself.
  • durhammfp
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    Every day, and like some others on this forum I keep track of it all on Libra.
  • HungryTraveler
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    I tried every day and it didn't work for me (I still let the scale get to me even though I know it's just data) so I'm back to once a week. Wednesday is my day, morning, after pee before coffee :D
  • chikadeedoo
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    I weigh daily. However, I will change this habit, because it really frustrates me to see the 2-pound fluctuations.Three weeks ago, I've started a sustainable healthy eating diet with much lower calorie intake than I used to eat before and regular daily HIIT exercises (running uphill for 40 mins, intensive aerobic for one hour every other day) and initially my weight dropped two pounds. Right now it is not going down, and some days it's back up to the original starting number! I'll skip the weighing daily and instead do it once a week at the same time.
  • mylittlerainbow
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    So I am very different from most people here. I have fluctuations and swings if I weigh daily - based on salt intake, hydration, and lots of other things. They seem to dampen/average out if I let a week go by between weighings. And that interval does seem to keep me adequately accountable, since I do also log my food and exercise. So I weigh weekly on Sunday mornings (since that's when I started.) I admit that I do die of impatience if the scale has ticked up a bit, though, and can't always wait an entire week in those cases!
  • reversemigration
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    Over the first couple of years of loss and maintenance I weighed daily. This not only helped to keep me on track, but it was great data to help me sort out signal from noise - what events and foods might cause my weight to spike (or drop), for instance.

    I still weigh myself fairly frequently, as it keeps me honest. There may be a time where I slack off and go by other metrics, but I don't quite trust myself enough yet.
  • Speakeasy76
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    I vary from daily to every other day to weekly, depending on my mood. If I'm feeling particularly bloated (like today) I usually won't weigh myself. Even though I know it's bloat, it's still discouraging.

    I do feel, however, that weighing daily or at least every other day keeps me honest. It's those times I stopped weighing more regularly when the weight would start to creep up.
  • rosiekin
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    I've not weighed myself since April 2018. Prior to that, during this current weight loss/maintenance journey, I was weighing myself monthly. I've been in maintenance for roughly 6 years now and I'm mainly happy with how I'm managing it. I'm not saying I'll never step on the scales again, but I'm definitely not planning on doing that any time soon.
    Everyone is different so do what's right for you.
  • MadisonMolly2017
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    Daily, as data more data points make sense to me), I focus on my 10-day trend weights. And monthly trends.
    Every time I lost weight before I stopped weighing myself & as another member said, was surprised (and discouraged) when I gained weight.) Decided not this time!
  • alexmose2
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    Funny, I was just thinking this morning that even if I weighed myself this morning (currently away from home eating cafeteria food), it would have no effect on what I ate today.
  • TealTrinket
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    Daily. I like seeing my fluctuations. Helps me see if I'm actually gaining weight, or if it's just one of my normal ups after say a huge meal, or a big work out, etc.
  • BlossomingJenn
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    I weigh daily. I have a long way to go as far as losing weight, and seeing those numbers go downward in a steady fashion is very helpful motivation-wise. My body is also very sensitive, so it helps me to know if something is throwing my losses off.
  • Pamdar67
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    I weight myself every morning after toilet. I thelps me to stay on track and I have been able to see what happens if I eat to much sodium or not enough calories. I shoot for 1 lb a week loss and so far I have lost 8 lbs. I amnot sticking to any diet except making healthy choices.
  • donnatxldy
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    I weight myself every morning after stepping out of bed.