Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • ClaireBri74
    ClaireBri74 Posts: 84 Member
    Although been on mfp for years of never found the community side before and now I have I feel lonely lol please feel free to add me. If you don't like food pictures though perhaps don't.

    I find I stay on track when I take photos of my plate so there will be a few in my feed :)
  • sircooki
    sircooki Posts: 8 Member
    Hey all i need friends to help keep me motivated and i would do the same
  • Skeets1999
    Skeets1999 Posts: 2 Member
    Help keep me on track. Until a few years ago I was super fit (68 marathons and ultramarathons). I developed AFIB and ran out of cartilage in my knee. Almost 50 pounds later, I need to make some real changes. Don’t want to do another walk of shame to buy “bigger” size clothes again. Would love new friends to help and support one another.
  • KezzaO1977
    KezzaO1977 Posts: 6 Member
    I need the motivation! Feel free to add me! 😊
  • Dannypuck
    Dannypuck Posts: 1,067 Member
    I can always take more friends.
  • EliseSon
    EliseSon Posts: 9 Member
    I would love more friends!
  • ToukoWolf
    ToukoWolf Posts: 4 Member
    edited January 2021
    Hello everybody! I am Touko and I am looking for friends in this healthy community to keep motivation, inspiration and fulfill goals.

    Feel free to add me!
  • mrlee3674
    mrlee3674 Posts: 11 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • AquaMeow
    AquaMeow Posts: 296 Member
    Still trying to hit 200 friends. People would add then delete lol idk why but hey add me!
  • LilyFlowerMFP
    LilyFlowerMFP Posts: 13 Member
  • 2furryfriendz
    2furryfriendz Posts: 284 Member
    You can add me. I am here daily and with an open diary.
  • lookatbigern8282
    lookatbigern8282 Posts: 14 Member
    Let's be friends
  • gina510
    gina510 Posts: 1 Member
    Late to the game here but checking in on how the weight loss is going. I’m also 5’3” @ 145lbs and trying hard to get to my goal of 130-135. I’ve been exercising 3-4x week and staying under 1500 calories. I’m wondering if I’m going something wrong.

    Let me know if there are meal plans you follow? Do you watch carbs?

  • ozgurvh
    ozgurvh Posts: 180 Member
    Feel free to add me :p
  • lesliejones1313
    lesliejones1313 Posts: 7 Member
    Good Morning! I am in need of more motivating friends and people who want to discuss their workouts and share information so we can all learn from one another. I work out daily and struggle with weight loss which is ultimately my goal to lose 30 lbs.
  • tuckermoonan6660
    tuckermoonan6660 Posts: 5 Member
    New here on MFP 😏 hit follow to track progress coming out of another lockdown 😅
  • courtxx1213
    courtxx1213 Posts: 2 Member
    I definitely would love some motivation!! Add me! Maybe we can challenge!
  • NuzzleNudge
    NuzzleNudge Posts: 12 Member
    Add me! I’ve lost 80+ so far. This year I’m getting off that stubborn last 20! I’ve logged in daily for over 570 days, so I’m a regular around here.
  • BiggyFuzz
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    Hit me up