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    I have truffle cheese right now. I have Persian Fetta too and Halloumi .. I have all of it. lol. I even have lactose free pizza cheese mix for my little fur baby because I think she is lactose intolerant and loves cheese. Oh and I don't know if you know or not but you can freeze most cheeses. I have tons of Brie frozen and other stuff too like the French cheese called Boursin. I only buy my cheese when half price or less most of the time and freeze it if need be otherwise it's put into cryovac and sealed.
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    Angela937 wrote: »

    Use these to make sandwiches instead of bread or wraps. And its much easier than trying to use lettuce as a wrap!

    I have never actually thought of using lettuce as a bread.. pretty innovative 🤣. I will try this cheese wraps..
    There a couple of brands of wrap/tortilla with high fibre content (12-15g per piece) they hardly amount to 80 calories. For my appetite 2 are more than enough.
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    I recently tried chaffles as a substitute for hamburger buns and thought they turned out well. Simply 2 eggs and 1 cup of mozzarella cheese blended and cooked in a waffle maker until browned.
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    Disagrees I find are trolls trying to cause drama. Or ones on a different diet so seek out those who aren’t on there’s. So I ignore them.

    Watch a million disagrees below lol 😂

    I could litterely just post ;@: The sky is Blue
    Nothing else get dislikes 👎 on a fact about the color of the sky even if I have a picture to back it up.
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    I didn’t even think about cheese as bread substitute or lettuce sounds interesting to try.
    My bread is 70 cal per slice took awhile to find one that low with ingredients I like.

    Low cal tortillas I buy for myself but still have to buy the boys (My Emilio’s) their large package of tortillas. I do miss hot dog buns to hamburger buns still searching for lowest cal ones hit but doing it online until after Covid (immune disorder).

    Cousin told me he takes egg whites adds a little cheese for flavor occasionally a sugarfree 45cal pancake syrup to it (Pam cooking spray y a frying Pan 🍳).
    He then places his (any type vegan,Turkey,beef,pork,any) sausage on it
    That’s his breakfast. He huge into Keto Diet
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    I use lettuce wraps (especially romain/butterhead) to stuff and create a sandwich. I use the dehydrator for wraps/crackers (made with vegetables/seeds). A family fav - yummy falafel made with sunflower seed base in the dehydrator added to my romaine lettuce Sammy with a cucumber tsziki sauce. So good and good for me! Maybe a couple times a year, I'll resort to Ezekiel/Dave's bread in a pinch. Much prefer homemade goods.
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    I find it hard to cut out bread, also; and have done open-faced sandwich with one slice of bread, works for a lot of sandwiches