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Women 200lb+, Let's Keep On Fighting This February!!!



  • Laughter_Girl
    Laughter_Girl Posts: 2,226 Member
    @mumof6sv You have my sincerest condolences. I will be praying for your comfort as you mourn the loss of your aunt.
  • kali31337
    kali31337 Posts: 1,048 Member
    Name: Kali
    Age: 33
    Height: 5'7
    SW: 232.2 (1/15/21)
    GW: #1 Under 200 #2 280 #150ish

    Weight tracking:
    Feb 5: 220.9
    Feb 12: 216.6 <--had a really good week & TMI WARNING: have been dealing with some constipation for the last couple of weeks that finally started moving
    Feb 19: 216.8 <-- between a day of day drinking, a hangover binge, PMS, and then finally TOM, I am just pleased to not be so far over last week's number
    Feb 26:

    Fitness goals:
    Weigh daily
    11,000+ steps 6x week
    Meal prep as much as possible
    C25K 3x a week
  • goal06082021
    goal06082021 Posts: 2,130 Member
    @pamiede welcome back, and congratulations!! This internet stranger is proud of you!
  • jennordhavn
    jennordhavn Posts: 88 Member
    1. Track everything ✅
    2. 55-70+ G protein ✅ (63 g)
    3. Under 50 - 75 net carbs ✅ (47 g)
    4. 1,200 - 1,300 calories ✅ (1,309 close enough 😂)
    5. 64 oz water/decaf liquids ❌ (56 oz)
    For the month:
    6. Lose 5 pounds ❌ (0.4 so far)

    SW: 209.8
    CW: 209.4
    GW: 204.8
  • KeriA
    KeriA Posts: 3,281 Member
    Not only does my new scale weigh me 5 lbs more than my last one but it apparently only goes in one direction - up.
    However since I was having issues with logging food this week we might not want to put all the blame on it. It was a short work week. I didn't get as much exercise. I did better by the end of the week when I was less busy. I was to get my 2nd vaccination this weekend but it was cancelled due to delay in vaccination deliveries with the snow and freezing weather. We just got a rescheduled appointment time for next week. Phew! I did better with planning meals and ordering groceries despite our dairy delivery being cancelled last Monday due to snow that day. I made some great meals: tortilla soup, lamb meatloaf with yogurt sauce. We had mashed potatoes and cauliflower with that. My husband made oven fried chicken thighs to die for. Tonight we have left over tortilla soup and tomorrow pork pot roast ( I avoid beef due to iron overload). My husband made blueberry scones last weekend (Valentine's day) so we had them for breakfast early this week. Based on my post logging, I actually have stayed under my calorie goal but Tuesday was highest. That was the day we picked up groceries and got take out hamburgers. I got something I haven't had for years (almost 10). A milkshake or mocha malt to be exact. Our Valentine's days plans were disrupted due to snow so I figured this was my Valentine's day treat. I shared it with my husband so it wasn't too bad. Don't need another one for another 5-10 years now. During the snow we had to eat what we had in the house so it was nice to go back to having planned meals and groceries again.

    So this coming week I need to get back on track with logging. Although we have meals until tomorrow it is time to plan and get ready to order for the week. At least we will have our dairy deliveries again on Monday. I also need to do better with water intake, and exercise.
  • KeriA
    KeriA Posts: 3,281 Member
    Goals for the rest of February: To get back to the weight that my old scale said so that I am under 250 by new scale. Which will be a loss of over 6 lbs.
    • Get 8+ glasses of water, log in calories daily, get enough sleep and stay under my calorie goal.
    • Up N.E.A.T. (steps, stairs, cleaning and cooking)
    • Get regular exercise:2 strength training a week (1 with weights and 1 with resistance bands), 5 days of exercise (Start with 25 minutes and work up to 45-60 minutes for most days)
    • Meal plan so we avoid grocery shopping and make healthy meals at home. Limit take out to once a week.
    • Take another step towards lowering sugar intake./ Get more fiber
    • Wait to have breakfast until I feel hungry while I am working remotely.
  • emmclean
    emmclean Posts: 297 Member
    @mumof6sv so sorry for your loss. Sending support and strength your way.

    @pamiede I've not doubt you can hit that April goal, you're making a great recovery!

    I've just started a free trial of Openfit, has anyone used it? Just tried a live barre class and a recorded stretching class today. I like the live trainer encouragement, and it's less than €100 for a whole year. Figure it's worth a go as lockdown here in Ireland isn't being lifted until summer based on the latest government announcement.

    Had a few drinks last night whilst Zooming with a friend in New York. Felt a bit ropey today, but had a craving for fruit and veggies (always what my body wants on a hangover!). Managed to get up off my backside and go for a 45 min stroll into town to treat myself to a few things at the fancy grocery store and still stayed under my calories, rather than what I would have done before and ordered fast food delivery and blown my limit. Not to mention that I could well have also ordered food when I was drinking last night, despite already having had dinner. The fresh air also cleared my head - small successes!
  • speyerj
    speyerj Posts: 1,369 Member
    @pamiede - Good to have you back on this thread! And I am glad the recovery is going well, even if it is slow. Congratulations on hitting your goal weight! Keep rockin' the PT. You'll be back to walking in no time.
  • KeriA
    KeriA Posts: 3,281 Member
    @AlexandraFindsHerself Your valentine’s day sounds nice. My Mom has a birthday that day too. My daughter put our overgrown kittens on leashes and let them play in the snow for a few minutes.

    @jennordhavn I was thinking about an overnight at a hotel on Valentines Day too but then we decided that we weren’t going to risk it until after we get our 2nd vaccination which was to be a few day after and then it takes a couple of weeks to get to full immunity. Then we got snowed in so no take out either and we would have had to cancel the trip to the hotel anyway. Your Valentine’s day sounds very nice.

    @Tarzan37 I think I am a spring loser, I lose slowly in the summer. However I struggle from late fall to late winter.

    @changeforeverlj yes quite a milestone!

    @WasteNotWench Valentine’s day, a 3 day weekend and snow did throw off my routines for me too. I did go out for a snowy walk and short cross country skiing down my street but I think it is hard to beat a good healthy routine

    @Angief05 I am enjoying all the Valentines’ day stories but yours is hard to beat! Congratulations. I have one son settled. Our youngest seems to have a steady relationship now but with COVID 19 it is hard to date. My niece had to postpone her wedding in Hawaii. It wasn’t a destination wedding. Their family is there.

    @wanderinglight and @AchievingMyDreams We didn’t have to coax Ambrose inside. Looking back on it he was in charge. I was fine with him being an outdoor cat because I am allergic and my son who visits is too but he wasn’t having any of it. We bought him a cat house and put a warming pad in it. Norwegian Forest cats don’t have the same fur that other cats have. They have more like down fur with a water proof layer of fur on top of that. Both layers are very long and soft. They are meant for the cold. I was petting him one day. He was on our deck railing and he literally put his 2 paws on each of my shoulders and pulled me into a hug. So I can see why you are worried about Patches. She seems to have some good survival skills though. So I think I am not the one to coach you on getting Patches inside. Ambrose worked on my daughter to let him in and then he worked on the rest of us. I found out I wasn’t as allergic to him anyway. I came home one day and he was doing a good job trying to scare a raccoon away from his food and water dishes. So we gave up and started to let him come and go as he wanted. Ambrose took a while to warm up to my husband though. I think he had bad past experiences with men. However my husband is the one who makes sure the cats are fed so soon Ambrose thought he was pretty cool even though he pets cats like they are dogs. So that is the way to Patches heart. Just let him know you care and let him set the path. Once Ambrose started to come inside we talked to a vet and they gave us a sedative to put into his food so we could get him into a cat carrier and take him in for shots etc. By that time he trusted my daughter or he knew he had her wrapped around his little claw. I am already a little bit in love with Patches. Cats are like that. You have to take them on their own terms especially when you don’t meet them when they are kittens.

    @Goal06082021 I love BBQ. The last restaurant I was in was a BBQ place for my birthday last year the 1st week of March. People were getting nervous but restaurants weren’t closed but they were starting to take precautions. This birthday it will be take out even though restaurants are open on a limited basis.

    @mumof6sv I am sorry to hear of your loss. I have heard of a similar case in the news. 6 people have received a vaccination in my family and I will be getting mine with my husband this coming week.

    @pamiede Knowing you from this thread I am betting that you will make your goal. Always am glad when I see one of your posts. Take care! <3