Low carb, diabetes, 55 yo need to lose 75lb

Hi Everyone, I have a crazy sweet tooth and I’ve been overweight for too many decades of my 55 years of this life, God has given me. I live and struggle with fibromyalgia & arthritis pain. I’m hoping to find a community I can encourage and be encouraged by.
My plan is to count calories, consume less carbohydrates, less processed foods and move more.


  • ejones17786
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    Sounds like a good plan! I'll send you a friend request
  • try2again
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    Hi, Michele. :) We have similar stats & issues. I have used MFP for many years and had a lot of success, but am trying to buckle down again after a couple of difficult years. I will PM you.
  • ballardf
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    Very similar situation. Type 2 diabetic. Thanks to ozempic I'm about halfway to my weight loss goal. I'm 57, 58 in August. Feel free to add me
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    I was Type 2 diabetic ... I am now considered pre diabetic ...off all diabetic meds ...I am a keto'er and I have lost 53 lbs....Wishing you the very best on your journey :)

    May I suggest this wonderful group of people regarding low carb