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Making progress a day at a time

Hi. I started up again a month ago after a 7 year absence.
Last week I had my doctor appt (3 1/2 weeks tallied).
I had lost 12 pounds and my A1c had dropped from 8.3 beginning Nov to 6.2 last week (type 2 diabetes). Having low blood sugar numbers in the middle of the night, he lowered my insulin from 80 to 70. I'm still having low numbers so he may lower it again.
The challenge for me is that, because I'm doing so well, he scheduled me 6 months out for my next A1c test (which shows 3 months). I'm tempted to go back to unhealthy food choices because the next couple months don't show.
I've decided to take it one day at a time. I can always cheat tomorrow, just not for today.
We'll see how it goes ☺️


  • emaSharmama
    emaSharmama Posts: 18 Member
    Bless you 😃
  • sirion2
    sirion2 Posts: 50 Member
    Way to go!
  • JohnBarth
    JohnBarth Posts: 672 Member
    One day at a time says it best. If you slip up, just start again on the next meal or the next day. Keep up the great work!
  • joyanna2016
    joyanna2016 Posts: 323 Member
    This is exactly why I had to quit going to weight watchers meetings several years back. Instead of having an INTERNAL motivator to diet, I had an EXTERNAL one - the weigh-in at the next weekly meeting. This played out by me feeling like I could "cheat" at the beginning of my week and then stay on program the last part of the week. Not a good scenerio. Since you cant just quit the doctor like I quit the WW mtgs, I would say that you are going to have to come up with a mantra that you tell yourself each day that you are doing this for yourself! Nevermind that doctor! (You may also want to watch Rocky IV 😁)
  • mpkpbk2015
    mpkpbk2015 Posts: 766 Member
    I rarely post unless I have something to say. But so many people have the mindset of cheat day that it really makes me sad. There is no such thing as a CHEAT DAY - when you are managing your eating and trying to lose weigh and get healthy. The only person you are cheating is your self. I was a serial dieter. I am now a eating manager. I have lost 98 of 100 pounds in the last 2 years. I have not had a so called cheat day in all that time because I resolved to do whatever it took to take this weigh off. All these Weigh In programs where you go once a week and meeting programs facilatate this mentality. The scale also should not be the only measure of success, the mirror and how your clothes fit and how you feel should equally measure your success.
    I am sure many people may disagree with this but it has worked for me and I think if more people adapted this attitude since weight loss is about attitude as much as it is about eatting people would be more successful.
  • emaSharmama
    emaSharmama Posts: 18 Member
    I can relate to the weigh-in scenario.
    Years ago I was on Jenny Craig and got weighed weekly by this tiny little gal who did not understand how it was to try to lose weight.
    I would stay on the plan and go to the gym faithfully and weigh-in .8 pound heavier. She would berate me and infur that I was lying. So I would go on a bender and give up on my efforts. A few days later, I would start my period. When I showed up again to get weighed, I would have lost .2 pound and she would congratulate me. When I explain that I had actually gained weight, she shrugged it off.
    Finally, I quit buying their food and got good, cheaper health food from the grocer. After a few weeks, they called me in to "let me go." Best firing I ever had!
  • LisaGetsMoving
    LisaGetsMoving Posts: 664 Member
    I was a serial dieter. I am now a eating manager.

    I love this so much! This is really what it is all about. We are the managers of our lives, of our health to a degree.
  • ama3387
    ama3387 Posts: 242 Member
    I need to follow this mind set! I get so obsessed with food when I try to change my eating, I need to just work at one day at a time. Just like I did when I was in AA for my drinking. Thank you!
  • emaSharmama
    emaSharmama Posts: 18 Member
    Update: Dr appt due to having low blood sugar numbers. Lost 5 pounds, since 1/28. Lowered insulin again to 50 units, from 80 originally, and eliminated Glipizide entirely! 😊
  • Be_theBest_Me
    Be_theBest_Me Posts: 768 Member
    So amazing!!! You should feel so proud of your accomplishments!!! My hero!!!
  • duxlady
    duxlady Posts: 18 Member
    That is a real accomplishment!
    I started last May myself and have lost about 50 lbs. Losing the last few to get to the weight range I feel will be best for me has been a struggle but I am very slowly making progress.
    I also don’t care for cheat meals. I incorporate all foods in my eating so everything is available to be - it’s just managing the portions. Are there days I get off track? Absolutely! I just get back to business the next day. This. Is what my life will be like from now on to keep it off.