Women 200lb+, Let's Keep On Fighting This February!!!



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    @uyister Congratulations!!! You passed your midterms and crushed 90 lbs. You're inspiring.
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    @uyister you whooshed! also awesome job hitting -90lb!!

    @Laughter_Girl that's a good point, thank you!

    @pearsonlinda30 3 lbs down in a short month is still good progress!
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    I do check ins when I make progress.
    67 years old, Height: 5'6"
    SW: 266 lbs (Dec 2019)
    2/1: 263.6
    3/1: 261.8
    4/1: 258
    7 /1:250.4
    8/1: 249.2
    9/1: 247 lowest Sept weight 246.8
    10/1: 247
    10/19: 245.4
    11/1: 248
    12/1/2020: 249
    1/1: 251.2
    2/3: 250.4
    2/6: 256.6 adjusted according to my new scale.
    2/7: 255 -1.6 lbs lost of extra new scale weight
    2/27: 254.8 -.2 but I went up to 257 so this is a loss of 2.2 lbs

    1st GW: 220 The lowest weight I got to when I last lost significant weight.
    2nd GW: Onderland 1st, maintain for a few weeks then
    3rd GW: 186 overweight but not obese
    4th GW: 150 lbs. Healthy weight Then evaluate what weight is best for me. I just want to get to a healthy weight for me.

    February Goal weight: Under 245 make progress losing. I will see how it goes with the new scale before adjusting this.

    Get 8+ glasses of water, log in calories daily, get enough sleep and stay under my calorie goal.
    Up N.E.A.T. (steps, stairs, cleaning and cooking)
    Get regular exercise:
    2 strength training a week (1 with weights and 1 with resistance bands)
    5 days of exercise (Start with 25 minutes and work up to 45-60 minutes for most days)
    Meal plan so we avoid grocery shopping and make healthy meals at home. Limit take out to once a week.
    Take another step towards lowering sugar intake.
    Wait to have breakfast until I feel hungry while I am working remotely.
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    KeriA wrote: »
    Thursday I got my 2nd vaccination. I was supposed to get it last Sunday but the extreme weather events here and over the country delayed the shipments of vaccines and my appointment was cancelled then rescheduled. It isn't till the next day that you can have side effects besides maybe a sore arm. I woke up feeling fine yesterday (Friday) had our Friday breakfast except instead of Starbuck's my youngest picked up at another bakery espresso place. I had told work I was going to start the day late because I wanted to sleep in. I had to leave work early the day before to get the vaccine at 5 PM. If I get enough sleep I don't get sick so I felt my body needed the extra sleep to deal with the vaccine. Then I went to work in my home office. I worked until almost 1 PM. However I realized I was got tired more easily and just a bit light headed. So I decided to take a break at lunch. I had little appetite but felt just a teeny bit nauseated so I had a cup of broccoli cheese soup which helped. Then lay down to rest a bit. I started to get chills. So after a while I went down and let work know I was calling it a day. I already saw a response from my boss to my earlier message to consider calling it a day so that made it easier to do.

    I wasn't really hungry for dinner last night but had some of the chicken pho that my family had gotten for me. None of us touched the Bahn Mi (Vietnamese subs). My husband knew I wasn't up to par when I refused jalapenos in the pho. We both went to bed early. He had more side effects than I did he felt fuzzy headed and also got chills. I think that is because he didn't sleep in and worked a normal busy day. Today he had a slight headache and took tylenol. I am feeling good today but then I haven't been up for long. My arm isn't as sore. I think if I overdo it I might get a small headache. My husband went back to sleep so I think that will be good. So far I have escaped the side effects I was dreading. My sister and her husband had none but they had the Pfizer. We had Moderna. So I am taking it easy this weekend. The other side effect is that I had no appetite for most of the day yesterday so I lost 2.2 lbs. I suspect my appetite is back today. So I will have to watch out to not eat too much.

    I decided to separate my check in from my weekly update. I had a good week. I got 3 days of exercise with 2 of those being strength training. I didn't exercise on the day I got the vaccine or the day afterwards so I exercised on the days I could. I am finding that those strength training sessions are taking less time so I need to do more of each exercise or get on the Gazelle later in the day. When we go for walks during the day we may or may not have time for a longer walk. So I am having trouble increasing how long I exercise. I kept my calories down except that we decided to get pizza take out on the way back from getting our vaccinations and I was hungry by then. But I was still under my calorie goal even so. I did pretty well with water this week. Yesterday water was what I wanted the most. I am actually finishing my latte from yesterday right now. You can see that due to the vaccine we had take out more than the one time but I did plan our food and we had meals at home and have groceries to make meals at home but with the vaccination we weren't up for much cooking. I think we will be fine from now on.

    The take away is that getting enough sleep really helps. It helps weight loss. It helps when you are sick. It helps keep you from getting sick. It helped my body deal with the vaccine. I am really glad my husband is sleeping now after such a challenging week. And water helps as well. Get those 2 things down then add the calories and exercise.

    I hope you are now fully recovered from your vaccine. Adequate sleep is a HUGE issue for me. I rarely sleep more than 2 hours without waking up. I would so love to be able to get 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I know how important it is, but my body just doesn't seem to want to cooperate.
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    Final weigh in of February :)

    SW 27/11/20 230
    CW 28/02/21 219

    Made some adjustments this months to weight on the chart but feeling good.
    Logged all my food
    Exercised at least 4-7 times a week( walking ( 3-7 km a day)
    Drunk my water

    Had some stressful times this week but DID NOT GO TO FOOD which is huge.

    Again, I need to say how inspiring your posts are even when you may be struggling, they are so helpful. Whether you have lost no weight this week or over 100 pounds! so far !!!( so amazing) I can relate to something you have shared and it pushes me on . So please take it as an individual thank you.!!

    My goal for March is going to be a bit more ambitious but I think realistic too

    GW March 31/04/21 213

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    Final weigh in for February...

    SW (Jan 2021): 254.1
    February SW: 244.4
    February GW: 238
    Ultimate GW: 180

    Feb 1 : 244.4
    Feb 8: 242.8
    Feb 15: 241.8
    Feb 22: 240.6
    Feb 28: 238.0

    Made it, on the nose! Did see 236.6 yesterday so I’m confident things are still moving in the right direction. Thanks for another brilliant month ladies, your support, encouragement and advice to me and each other has been such a major motivating force!

    Do we have a March thread yet?
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    girlinkaz wrote: »
    Hi all!

    First time on here after having read and loved this thread for the past week.

    Age 30
    Height 5’6”
    SW 222.1 (Feb 21)
    CW 213.5
    Feb GW 212
    UGW 170 (and then evaluate)

    After years of disordered eating and starving myself to stay at 112lbs I put away the scale at 22 and pursued health. Before too long, my disordered eating habits swung the other way and I found myself gaining weight rapidly. From my best guess, I gained the first 50 pounds over 4 years (and was a healthy size 8-10). A stressful job caused me to gain the next 50 in just 2 years, which was not healthy. I’ve maintained my weight for the last two years, adding in exercise during lockdown. I’m determined to get back to a healthy weight - and to do it in a healthy way. MFP is so great for me because, with my disordered eating patterns, it helps me make sure I’m not swinging one way (and eating very little) or the other (and eating way too much).

    Love the encouraging vibes in this group! Let’s keep on fighting!

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    I really appreciated what you shared and think it can resonate with other people as well. I developed an eating disorder following a series of traumatic events when I was in my early twenties. I understand now it was a way to gain control when I did not feel I had any.I will be turning sixty in May and my best years are ahead of me <3

    I was able to get the necessary counselling to understand the issues and worked hard to normalize food and eating for the last 10 years. So sending huge support out to others who are experiencing similar challenges . It can be a long road but there is freedom at the end if it.

    That being said like any recovery, every day is a triumph. So totally can relate and appreciate your post. Thank you.
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    Name: Lisa
    Age: 55
    Height: 5'8"
    SW-257.2 (12.28.20)
    MSW- 249.0 (1.31.21)
    Feb 7- 247.6
    Feb 14-246.4
    Feb 22-246.0
    Feb 28-243.4

    Total loss for Feb: 5.6#
    I am excited today because I lost 2.6# since last week. The excitement comes from the belief that I have had that I cannot lose weight. Every week I get so nervous to weigh because I think the weight loss will just stop. I now know that this does work and it is not just a light bulb moment but a flood light moment!

    I love reading these post as they are so helpful, informative, and reassuring. Especially thankful for thoughts and insights from @uyister, @goal06082021, and @speyerj. I appreciate you.
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    Start 3/16/2020: 230.7 lbs (104.9 kgs)
    12/21/2020: 148.94 lbs (67.7 kgs)

    1/11/2021: 155.1 lbs (70.5 kgs)
    1/18/2021: 144.98 lbs (65.9 kgs)
    1/25/2021: 144.54 lbs (65.7 kgs)
    2/1/2021: 144.32 lbs {65.6 kgs}
    2/15/2021: 142.34 lbs (64.7 kgs) a loss of 0.9 kgs over two weeks or 1.98 lbs over two weeks.
    2/27/2021: 140.58 lbs (63.9 kgs] so - 1.76 lbs over two weeks (0.8 kgs)

    Inching my way down. I've also broken the 90lbs barrier, on day 350. I'm coming up to my year anniversary. A time to reflect and look back....

    @uyister Well done on your huge loss!!

    @KeriA I'm so happy you have had your second shot and are ok! Must be a relief for you and your husband. The vaccine has just been rolled out here, frontline workers are getting it first, I can't wait for my mom to get it, she is in an old age home and she is so scared of covid, this past year has been hard on her as they have had to isolate for so long!! I think she has read just about every book in the library!!

    @Spotteddingo Great feb! May you carry through your hardwork and discipline into March. I find just working for the month works well for me!

    @emmclean Another great Feb!! Goodluck for March!!

    See you ladies on the March thread!! Big month for me!!
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    @BeastlyMaple Fellow shy person and rambler here (as you can also see above)! This is a great place to share your "ramblings". I also can't wait for spring. I've taken up hiking and biking again during the past year. Hiking in the snow is okay but I don't do icy sidewalks or paved paths. I'm also not a winter biker. I did get a ride in yesterday. We have some paved paths that they keep plowed. It was almost 50 here so the paths were wet from melting snow but that is something I can handle. I had to get off the bike a couple times because 2 tunnels under busy roads had ice in them and I'm just not brave enough to ride over ice. I don't have the right tires to do it and, even if I did, I probably wouldn't chance it. I'm not that confident a rider yet and I don't want any broken bones if I can avoid them. :)
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    @VickyEltonGreen Good progress and you will have a great March. See you in next month’s thread.

    @emmclean Wow you are so precise! Nice job making your goal this month. I don’t think a March thread has been posted yet. I will check and see but we can continue here until it is.

    @Spotteddingo Nice progress this month. Glad you are gaining confidence in this process.

    @changeforever looking at all the progress you have made I can’t resist wondering either what your goal weight is or you height. You must be close. I know that I used to weigh between 125- 140 when I was younger and I am 5’6”. However I am older now. I also just want to be healthy. I got to 137 after my son was born and was getting compliments. I have 150 as my goal weight but at that point I think I can better decide what an ideal weight is healthwise is. I may have more muscle so 137 would be too low. Anyway I assume you have either been thinking about this or you already know.

    I actually have a Mom (just turned 94) too although I am old. She lives in a retirement community with her own apartment but they have a dining room they had to close a few times. She too has felt very isolated. Now they can sit at the table for dinner with one other physically distanced. With older people this is hard to socialize. She has just gotten her vaccines too a few weeks before me. We started with frontline, at risk health care workers and with those in a long-term care facility residences but partly through that vaccine phase the new US administration added all those over 65. I am glad not that they added us in right away but our State had a hole and I wouldn’t have been vaccinated until 2 more phases with people 16 or older with 2 or more co-morbidities and I wasn’t sure I would have even qualified for that even though I was over 65 and have a co-morbity /underlying condition or 2. I was fine being the 3rd phase but I felt 4th phase or later was too long for my situation. I really want essential workers to get the vaccine especially teachers. Of course I think the other issue is of families where some have the vaccine and others don’t.

    @kali31337 I can see why you are very happy with this month’s loss