Im new here so thought id just introduce myself. I am a young mum of 2 from the UK. My goal is to just become a healthier version of myself!
I am fairly small (5ft 1in) but i have no interest in starving myself to lose weight! I currently weigh just over 8st but am not very lean, i am aiming to eat a net of around 1750 calories a day. I am fairly active with walking but i need to get back into working out again!
Feel free to add me on here or fitbit (redefiningmyhealth on there), id love to have some friends for accountability!
Take care!


  • MaltedTea
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    What a nice profile pic and welcome to MFP! What are your working out plans now that you have your nutrition and walking down pat?
  • skinnyfat_tohealthy
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    Hello! ☺
    Im hoping to incorporate some free weights and resistance bands. I did used to do quite a bit of HIIT and low weight strength but i suffered from anorexia and had to give up all exercise so now i want to get back into it in a healthy way. I have gained 2.5stone since then and my mind is far healthier now so i feel ready.
  • quiksylver296
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    Based on your goals, lifting weights is what you want! Having a proven lifting plan is always a good idea. Stronglifts 5x5 is where I started and I loved it. Check it out and get the free tracking app at stronglifts.com.