When do y’all log ur meals?



  • cwolfman13
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    When I logged, I usually logged my breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the day since I brown bagged those things and took them to work. If I knew what I was having for dinner, I usually logged that as well...most of the time, my whole day was logged before I was done eating breakfast. Sometimes I had to make changes along the way, but my preference was to have a plan and know where I stood throughout the day calorie wise.
  • skinnyfat_tohealthy
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    I log mine either the night before or the morning. Always like my days planned out but with 400 or so cals spare incase i get hungry or something unanned happens and meals need to be altered
  • DezYaoified
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    I log my day when I prepare my breakfast. I spend 7-10 hours in my car for work so I pack a lunch to take with me. Might as well log my dinner then too.
  • 190reasonswhy
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    NunyaWest wrote: »
    Do y’all log yours meals when you eat them or at the end of the day? Or possibly beforehand?

    Soon as possible. I might even log the meal just after preparing it. I learned the hard way that I tend to forget little snacks of almonds at noon or whatever if I don’t put them in MFP.
  • Arralethe
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    Evening meals a week in advance (it helps with grocery shopping, which I do once per week), breakfast, lunch and snacks usually the night before, to make sure I'm hitting my calorie target and macros as best I can.
  • swiftgirlm
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    I meal plan and grocery shop on Saturdays, then prep my meals for the week on Sundays. I usually make one type of lunch (x5) and one type of dinner (x5), then make a batch of soup to keep on hand that week which I portion into 2 cup jars.

    All of this to say that I enter my recipes into MFP on the weekends, then I log my meals BEFORE I eat them. (Sometimes I even log my whole day before getting out of bed!)

    This has been revolutionary for me in terms of a few things:
    - no unplanned eating occurs
    - meals are weighed when prepared so I'm accurately logging
    - I can be sure that I don't go over my daily calorie budget
    - I don't have to agonize over what to cook every day after a long day of work, as I eat what is already prepared
    - It's like fast food at home!! (Except healthy and tastes much better!)
    *If we plan to eat out, I look at the menu online and decide ahead of time what I'm having so that it is logged beforehand. I hate sitting in a restaurant logging food. I want to enjoy the conversation and life going on around me!

    My husband does not eat the same things as me so he also preps his own food each week. He doesn't log or measure portions, but I don't pay much mind to what he is eating as he doesn't need to lose weight. We each serve up our meal after work and sit down to eat together. This is working GREAT for us!
  • CameronWhittaker
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    On good days I log my intended meals early, then adjust them where needed. Some times I will do days in advance.

    On bad days I will log them late, after iv finished eating.

    On really really bad days I just log 4000 quick calories... but they don't happen very often.
  • helen_goldthorpe
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    I used to do it as I went along but now I do the main meals in advance then just choose (and log) my snacks during the day to fit the remaining budget. I eat a lot of the same things fairly regularly so it's easy to prelog, and if the quantities differ slightly from what I've put in I can fine tune it once I've eaten.
  • nks80
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    Always when I’m either preparing something or just eaten / drank something or else I’d forget
  • pessxx
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    I try to pre-log the evening before, during the day if something happen to change I will change it, but usually I know what i eat tomorrow , sometimes I use meal prep also at least for 2-3 days so I would know before
  • WaterLily82
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    Call me crazy, but I log my entire day first hung in the morning or sometimes even the night before!! 😂 I can always change or adjust things throughout the day, but I find that having a plan helps me stay on track so much! I know when I tend to get hungry, I know my general schedule for the day, I know what’s available in my fridge for dinner or whether I’ll have time to go to the store to pickup something so I plan it all out ahead of time. I’ve learned that if I don’t allow myself to get too hungry and if I know what I’m going to be eating next and when it stops me from going off plan chasing an errant donut or bag of chips. I like knowing what to expect! I NEVER log after I eat something, especially something that’s not in my usual repertoire because those calories can sneak right up on you!! So logging before eating is what works best for me!
  • tiffdaski
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    I log as I'm prepping/cooking each meal since I weigh everything out. If a meal is going to be a repeat (say I make a salad for Monday's lunch while making Sunday's lunch), I'll log it a day ahead.