Anyone do it all at home? No gym?



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    I have also been doing this all at home for about a year now, and am happy to report that I lost about 15 much needed pounds. I have a few dumbbells and resistance bands. I recently found some low impact cardio that you might like. If you would like me to send you the links, feel free to send me a message or friend request. Best wishes x
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    Obe online live and on demand classes in yoga, barre, pilates, dance HIIT, & strength 5 days a week + treadmill (below 46 degrees) or walking outside 4 days a week.
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    I did my big 70-lbs loss at home. C25K 3x per week and on the other days Kayla Itsines (but any fitness program works obviously).
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    I've always done my workouts at home. My mysophobia is probably the main reason; I couldn't stand the idea of touching things without a thorough "disinfection." The local gyms probably wouldn't want the crazy lady with her gloves, sprays, and wipes scrubbing the gym, nor did I want to be there.
    Depending on fitness level, home workouts can be quite convenient. I don't really need to lose weight, just build some more muscle and lose some fat. Because of this, all of my workouts are body weight workouts, and I don't use any weights or special equipment save a jump rope. It's really nice to have the comfort of a familiar area, not have people stare at me when I'm making weird poses, and to always have sanitizer and cleaning wipes on hand. :smile:
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    I have ALWAYS worked out at home (in my bedroom) thanks to Beachbody. I have tons of DVD's(they only stream now) and so many different options. I also lift light weights, have a spin bike and an outside bike. I workout exactly when I want for how long I want. No waiting for a class to start or trying to schedule my day around a class start time. LOVE IT!
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    You can try lumowell workout videos. Even though the music is kinda cheesy, I like them because it's like working out with robots. Real live people in workout videos tend to annoy me. They talk too much. Plus, the exercises in the videos are all the basic standards. They also show you modifications if you can't do the moves. And for the strength videos you can use light weights (or water bottles), heavier weights, or even no weights depending on your fitness level.

    Here's one example:
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    From 315lbs to 185lbs was all Calorie Restriction with MFP. At about 250lbs I added walking, Bodyweight Squats, and Push ups. I held at 185lbs the year and a half I did hit the gym. This Past year with the shut downs and restrictions it was back to home work outs and walking and I dropped another 20lbs and even started running (my mile time is nothing to brag about). Looking forward to getting back to the Gym soon.
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    All at home no gym ever. I would like to maybe in the future hit the gym for more of a weight work out but am happy am doing it slowly and loosing weight i lost about 46lbs and feel great. Counting calories is the best way and you can still enjoy foods. I have used Fitness blender, Hasfit and others for work outs. Leslie walk at home videos also. I started with Spark videos to get back into shape. P.S. I have really bad knees and can't do normal lunges so i just do what i can and it works. I use a chair too if need be. When I started push ups I did them off walls now am on the floor. 57 lots of sore joints but if its a bad day i just try to modify what i do . Hope that helps!
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    I do it all at home. Had a gym membership twice but twice found that I actually do not like it.

    What I do (highly active and in maintenance):
    Running (outside)4x a week 5. Taking a 5k walk every morning My own weights training (got the weights a long long time ago) twice a week

    For toning and other I use the really free Active app by Popsugar, they are also on YouTube. SO no free trial, no subscription and limited adds (some trainers are sponsored) They have exercise from Beginner to advanced. From gentle yoga to HIT and intense cardio and the pre-lockdown training videos also provide beginner and advanced modifications
    I have now about 40 favourites and as I do them about 3-4 times a week that means that I have about 2.5 months worth of rotation. It is fantastic
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    Haven’t been to the gym since lockdown a year ago, high risk here.

    I have a 5” bar and 200 lbs of weights, plus adjustable dumbbells, and a pair of free standing racks. It’s not ideal but has kept me from going backwards. Also a bar for pull-ups. And a very old stationary bike. I also like learning from various dance videos on YouTube.

    Anyone can walk or run outside without paying for special equipment other than shoes. Pushups and dips are free! And you can make heavier dumbbells from empty jugs filled with water. Get a broomstick and slide them on and you have a barbell. It’s not ideal and won’t work for someone needing heavier weight but there are ways to make movements harder without adding weight, such as one legged squats or incline pushups.

    Running outside in the Winter is surprisingly liberating. When we got 10” of snow a couple of weeks ago, my city came to a halt. I was able to go outside, run to a store, and run back with a backpack full of goods when it wasn’t even possible to get my car out of my driveway.
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    @Lolinloggen, they still call it TONING?! ;)
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    Since December 2019 I have lost 100 pounds, I was 300.

    I started following what my FitBit told me to do: steps, stairs.

    Added MyFitnessPal and an aggressive 2 pounds a week loss calorie plan.

    Walking the dog and climbing up and down the basement stairs.

    Spring of 2020 I bought a bicycle.

    Late spring I bought some dumbbells, 13 basic exercises. With the light weights I worked out everyday.

    Summer 2020 I bought another bicycle, a road bike. By the end of summer I was riding 62.5 miles (100 KM) trips.

    Early Fall 2020 bought a used elliptical trainer for $1000 (Octane). Planning ahead for the Michigan winter and not being able to ride bikes. I'll tell you what, this thing really works me out for 45 minutes a day, 6 or 7 days a week.
    BMI no longer indicates I'm obese.

    Using up to 30 pound dumbbells now, 2 sets, 20 repetitions, every other day.

    On my 60th birthday in February 2021 I broke through 200 pounds.

    Weight is 200 plus or minus these days. Just now getting back into the saddle of my bike as old man winter lets go of Michigan. Riding my trainer for 30 minutes a day, and getting out and around the neighborhood if it's over 40 degrees. On the few warmer days (high 40s) we had I rode 20 miles.

    Current VO2max is 37 as measured by Polar HRM. FitBit Cardio Fitness rates me at 46-50 Excellent for men my age.

    I current goal is a Century Ride (100 miles) on my bicycle this year. My wife has been a cycling junkie her whole life, it's great to have her to ride with.
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    I’m also working out only at home, well also hiking weekly and running since it’s gotten just a little warmer in the last few weeks. I’m 48 and do Yoga with Adriene free on YouTube, Leslie Sansone walking videos, Apple Firness+ HIIT and strength workouts, and some assorted other YouTube workouts. Sometimes I think I’d like to go to a gym instead, and maybe one day I will, but I’m not sure. I’ve been doing this for over a year now and I’ve had some pretty fantastic results. I mostly like having a variety of workouts in the queue to keep things from getting boring.
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    I have started with resistance bands at home, and a step count. However its important to remember that food is 80% of weight loss. Exercise is beneficial for health, and for building muscle, but we won't see that muscle without our body fat being less. So don't beat yourself up if you cant get to a gym, keep on it with the food and results will come.
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    You can achieve everything and anything you want from the comfort of your own home with the right equipment and knowledge. You can achieve a lot with no equipment either. Start with what you can afford and then build from there, roughly 7 years ago I went from about 300lbs to 205lbs and had the start of the coveted "v" all from working out at home.
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    Another vote for home workouts! I do Les Mills on Demand, I think they are quite reasonable and have a wide range of classes.
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    I love the gym and use it frequently most of the time but I'm in the UK and it remains closed for now.
    Making do with dumbbells, bodyweight exercises and gym ball routine at home for now but it's a chore not a pleasure.
    But a worthwhile chore so I don't lose muscle although I will inevitably lose some strength.

    Cardio is easier as I cycle outdoors a lot and the gym is only a foul weather last resort so not missing that aspect.
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    muar wrote: »
    I have done everything without any gym. Started in July walking 1 mile a day then gradually increased. Since about September I have done a longer walk in the morning and then about another mile and a quarter right before or after dinner. I am currently just finished up 165 miles total this week and now jog at least 1/2 of the now 4+ miles in the morning. Started at ~298lbs and was 202lbs yesterday morning. Just being consistent and tracking the food. Best of luck. You can accomplish anything as I have been obese for 20+ years before I decided it had to change (Doc finally told me I had type 2 diabetes in July - but it went away after 3 months and I now have the best A1C ever in my life)

    My highest was 212 and I promised myself NEVER AGAIN! Got down to the 183 then my fil got sick and passed away 9/19, the love of my life was diagnosed with leukemia Thanksgiving week 2019 which really threw us for a loop and I haven't had my heart in it since then. There have been a million other challenges along the way like my Dad's house flooding from a plumbing issue and it taking nearly a year to get it finished. There have been happy times. My son got married in January 2020 and we got used to living with cancer but once the gym closed for the pandemic I got REALLY over protective of both Hubby and Daddy and have just been back and forth to work, we do online grocery pick up and we have been able to go to church now. Can we say emotional and bored eating won this round?

    I weighed this am and am at 197 which is waaaaaay too close to 200.

    My knees have really been hurting so my normal at home routines aren't working still I keep trying.

    You can add me if you like and we can cheer each other on.
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    I am not or never was a gym joiner. I didn't like it. I have lost weight all at home (70+ lbs. and counting). I have a treadmill, rower, bike and weights in our basement. I do yoga for flexibility and use kettlebells for variety all done watching YouTube. Walking or Hiking outdoors, if you can is great also. You can do this. Do baby steps, use your treadmill and watch tv :) I do. I like to watch action or suspense shows; makes the workout go faster...LOL...Good luck! Oh, I will soon be 54!

    We sound like kindred spirits. I am looking to get rid of 70. Feel free to add me. We can cheer each other on.
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    try youtube workouts: Pahla B for older women, body project, chloe ting (if you are up for tough workouts), leslie sansone for walking workouts. There are loads of them out there!